Local Colorado Pet Businesses and Orgs We Love To Support

Colorado’s animal rescue and pet industry has our hearts (and some of our favorite clients)

By now it’s no secret that we have a soft spot for four-legged friends. That’s why here at YellowDog we get excited to work with others who share this passion. But the real icing on the cake (or peanut butter on the spoon) is when our work can help Colorado pet businesses and orgs make a difference in the lives of animals.

So naturally, pet care brands are a perfect fit for YellowDog, and we have fostered some amazing relationships within this industry. Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite pet care clients and how we worked together to help these Colorado pet businesses and orgs in their mission to make animal care easy, accessible, and imaginative. Drumroll please….

Company of Animals collage of recent work.

Company of Animals logo

Company of Animals

Broomfield, Colorado
Company of Animals exists for the sole purpose of making life easier for you and your pet. With a wide range of pet training products that are researched and tested at their innovation center, COA is always looking out for your pet’s happiness.
Company of Animals + YellowDog
We worked together to design a product booklet for COA that is both fun and functional.



Denver Dumb Friends League collage of work.
Denver Dumb Friends League logo.

Denver Dumb Friends League

Denver, Colorado
This is one of Denver’s most beloved (dare we say “pet”) nonprofit organizations. It’s the largest nonprofit community-based animal shelter/humane society in the Rocky Mountain region, founded in 1910. In 112 years, just imagine all the homeless animals who have passed through their doors. They’re longtime friends of YellowDog and we love supporting them in business through custom print jobs as well as through their non profit events. The Furry Scurry is an annual tradition for our staff and pets.
Denver Dumb Friends League + YellowDog
YellowDog has created custom signage for Denver Dumb Friend League’s adoption centers and is in the process of designing educational materials for visitors.



Ethos collage of work.

Ethos Veterinary Health logo.

Ethos Veterinary Health

Nationwide, with a Wheat Ridge office

Ethos Veterinary Health is a network of highly reputable animal hospitals across the US. If our pets were in life threatening danger, Ethos would definitely be one of our first picks due to their advanced technology and awesome branding. Oh wait, we helped them with that second part.
Ethos Veterinary Health + YellowDog
Ethos came to us with a few requests: new marketing materials for trade shows and updated signage for their clinics. We did our best to groom their look.



Freedom Service dogs collage of work.
Freedom Service Dogs logo.

Freedom Service Dogs

Englewood, CO
Freedom Service Dogs is a life-changing organization that provides custom trained service dogs to those struggling with physical and emotional disabilities. Their service dogs are the real heroes according to director Michele Ostrander, as they can help with a multitude of everyday tasks, from picking up dropped items and assisting with mobility to mental and emotional support. It’s safe to say that Freedom Service Dogs lives up to its name of bringing freedom, comfort and independence to those who need it.
Freedom Service Dogs + YellowDog
YellowDog has worked on a range of small print projects for Freedom Service Dogs, including this adorable holiday card that was personalized for their audience of donors and beneficiaries



Paw & Sneakers tshirt

Humane Society of Weld County logo.

Humane Society of Weld County

Evans, CO
The Humane Society of Weld County shelters over 4,000 unwanted or unclaimed pets per year, but that doesn’t keep them from treating each animal with its own personal love and care. They believe all pets deserve a happy home, and make it their mission to end pet homelessness through community involvement and pet education. YellowDog admires the Humane Society of Weld County’s efforts to positively impact and promote the humane treatment of animals.
Humane Society of Weld County + YellowDog
YellowDog assisted the Humane Society of Weld County with the graphic design on custom t-shirts for their 5k run, which raised support for the shelter’s ongoing operations.



Movet collage of work.

Movet logo.MoVET

Denver, Colorado
Stay home. Keep your pet comfy and stress-free. MoVET veterinarians and veterinary nurses will come to you. MoVET is the first and only app-driven veterinary clinic in the Denver area, offering housecall services for your pet’s primary and preventive care needs. As “your neighborhood vet, delivered” MoVET leverages technology as well as a network of local veterinarians to provide in-person and app-enabled veterinary services. Your furballs receive superior levels of care, right with the click of a button – and even in your own home! Pretty snazzy, right?
MoVET + YellowDog
YellowDog is helping MoVET with their new clinic opening. We’ve printed large format window stickers, and created flyers and other marketing assets for this exciting new business.



Outward Hound meeting room.

Outward Hound logo.

Outward Hound

Centennial, Colorado
Truly a Colorado brand, Outward Hound is a pet parent’s one-stop shop for all of the outdoor gear your adventurous pup could ever need. YellowDog was introduced to Outward Hound when they needed a large format vinyl wall decal to spruce up their conference room. We love them for their supply of innovative toys that will keep your pet’s mind active when they’re not out running the trails with you.
Outward Hound + YellowDog
We created custom wall signage in the form of large vinyl stickers, so Outward Hound could keep their conference room perfectly on-brand.



Rezdawg collage of work.

Rezdawg logo.

Rezdawg Rescue

Lafayette, Colorado
Rezdawg Animal Rescue is dedicated to providing the Four Corners region – and specifically indigenous communities – with a dependable resource for stray animal relocation. From animal care education to transporting strays to free neutering sites, their commitment to rescuing animals from neglect and providing medical services is awe-inspiring. We’re always thrilled to assist in their fundraising efforts.
Rezdawg Rescue + YellowDog
For RewDawg, YellowDog assists in the production of large postcards that are mailed out as fundraiser campaigns to their donors and audience.



Scenthound wall mural.

Scenthound logo.Scenthound

Centennial, Colorado
Scenthound believes in providing our furry friends with lots of TLC, especially when it comes to grooming. Experts in keeping pets clean and healthy, Scenthound shares in YellowDog’s passion for a properly primed pooch and it shows when you visit any one of their pet grooming locations (for which YellowDog created custom signage!).
Scenthound + YellowDog
We’ve had a hand in creating and printing die-cut wall decals for Scenthound’s location in Centennial.



Pet portraits painted by Tasha Rae Designs.

Tasha Rae Designs logo.Tasha Rae Designs

Denver, Colorado
Tasha Rae: a girl after our own heart – in fact, we even interviewed her in our ‘Artists We Love’ series. Tasha Rae is a supremely talented artist and graphic designer of custom wedding invitations, who also happens to do incredible pet portraits. We love her unique style, and printing her creations always makes YellowDog look good on Instagram. It’s a great relationship and one we plan to keep nurturing for many dog years.
Tasha Rae + YellowDog
YellowDog works with Tasha Rae to print her custom-designed wedding invitations.



Word of Mouth dog training collage of work.

Word of Mouth logo.

Word of Mouth Dog Training

Lakewood, CO

Word of Mouth Dog Training is the product of Jose Zambrano’s decade of dedication to professional pet training. A true animal lover, Jose is known for infusing love into all of his training, and is the master of getting your dog to play nice. Word of Mouth Dog Training has levels for every kind of pup, and Jose’s hundreds of hours of canine training will assure you that your pooch is in the right hands.
Word of Mouth Dog Training + YellowDog
YellowDog has helped Word of Mouth Dog Training with printed booklets and flyers that advertise his growing business. Because word of mouth is great, but can it be used as a clever dog training reference?



Ziggy and Friends collage of work.

Ziggy and Friends logo.

Ziggy and Friends Pet Care

Denver, Colorado
We’re starry-eyed over the Ziggy and Friends logo, so much that when they asked YellowDog to turn it into a sticker, we cheerily obliged. Ziggy and Friends is a local dog walking service that provides individual care for any dog, big or small. They’re pros at making their clients happy – which is pretty easy to do when all they require are belly rubs and long walks.
Ziggy & Friends Pet Care + YellowDog
We created fun, on-brand stickers for Ziggy and Friends so clients can rep their favorite dog walking service wherever they go!



We play nice with Colorado’s pet brands

Are YOU behind a local pet business or organization, and you’d like to be added to this list? Not to worry – we can still feature you as a client! Just get in touch with your ideas for your next design, print, or marketing project. As your go-to design and print partner, YellowDog will be loyal and by your side, and always ready to learn new commands.


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Lucy the Yellow Dog

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