Vinyl Wall Decals: Printing & Design

Dress your wall with customized graphics that will wow the walkers-by

Vinyl Wall Decals: Printing & Design

Dress your wall with customized graphics that will wow the walkers-by

Transform your home or office with custom wall murals or wall graphics. From floor to ceiling or a simple vinyl decal, your space is only constrained by your imagination. Our wall decals are fade-resistant and run the spectrum from permanent to repositionable. It’s basically the wallpaper of the future.

Vinyl wall decals and graphics the YellowDog way
  • Explore possibilities with the support team, who will explain details like printed cut vinyl vs. cut vinyl
  • Looking to drop jaws? Work with our design team to create a large-scale, visually stunning wall graphic
  • Don’t like ladders? Our production team will take care of everything from the initial site visit to the installation
  • Whether you’re looking for informative signage or a decorative wall decal that will make your space pop, we’ve got you covered


  • Are your wall decals removable?
    Wall decals are removable. There are a few types we use: Lo-tac, Repositionable and Permanent adhesive. The wall may require touchup paint and/or repair, depending on the age of the decal, finish of the wall and what type of vinyl was used. Each job is unique so express as much detail as you can to your account manager.
  • Do decals work on textured walls?
    Decals can work on textured walls but we may be limited in vinyl material options. Any photos or details you can provide will help us choose the proper material for the job.
  • What is the difference between a printed cut vinyl decal and cut vinyl decal?
    Printed cut vinyl is a full color print on white adhesive vinyl and then contour-cut to the shape of the design. Cut vinyl is a shape-cut decal on colored vinyl. This is typical of store hours seen on storefront doors. There are a variety of colors to choose from.
  • When can a decal be applied after a wall is painted?
    The painted wall needs to be completely dry. It is recommended to let it dry for at least a week. Bubbles can occur or the decal can fail if the paint is still outgassing.
  • Do you install vinyl decals?
    Yes we can install vinyl decals. Photos of the space are always helpful and some jobs may require a site visit prior to install.
  • What are the size limitations for a wall decal?
    Any text for cut vinyl should be no smaller than ½” tall. Cut vinyl and printed vinyl each have different limitations on the max output. Most of our colored vinyls are limited to 48” on one side, although not all colors are available at this width. Printed vinyl will max out at 50” on one side. Larger decals and wall murals can be printed in panels and seamed together during install.

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