Postcard Printing & Direct Mail

Put your message straight into your audience’s hands with postcard printing and direct mail

Postcard Printing & Direct Mail

Put your message straight into your audience’s hands with postcard printing and direct mail

Postcard and direct mail campaigns are having a moment. Consumers with overstuffed email inboxes and screen fatigue will be surprised and delighted with a tactile touchpoint from your brand. Whether you’re running a stand-alone direct mail campaign or looking to amplify your digital message, a standout postcard packs a powerful punch.

Postcard printing and direct mail campaigns, the YellowDog way
  • Start-to-finish printing and campaign services, from design and production to launch and reporting
  • Create any print mailer, from postcards to greeting cards to an entire enveloped suite
  • Get strategic with list management, acquisition, targeting, and augmentation
  • Response tracking through coupons, personalized landing pages, QR codes or even custom phone numbers
  • Ongoing 15% discount for nonprofits and schools


  • Do you have address lists for purchase?

    We can either use your personal list or work with you to source a list that fits your needs. We can filter by criteria such as :

    • Zip code
    • Radius
    • Specific demographics
    • Income range
    • Many more!

    It should also be noted that once lists have been purchased, that information is yours to use as much as you would like.

  • What does a direct mail campaign typically cost?

    All of the variation in the cost of mailers comes down to two different things, print costs and postage costs. Things to consider that impact pricing:

    • Size of mail
    • Weight of mail
    • Stamp or Endicia
    • If you are a non-profit or for profit business
  • What is the standard USPS postcard size?
    Has to be at least 3.5” x 5” and no greater than 4.25” x 6” for standard USPS postcard cost. Some other popular sizes like Jumbo (6” x 9”) work great for mailing campaigns but are mailed at letter postage rates. Larger mailing packages will have their priced determined by weight, size, and quantity.
  • How do I prepare my addresses for a direct mail campaign?
    If you have a list of addresses we ask that you prepare them in an excel document with each part of the name and address in its own column. Also make sure there is consistency in the information. If you need additional help we are happy to share an example with you!
  • Timeline

    Once we have art and the address lists, the project should be printed and in the mail in about 7-10 days. This is longer than our normal printing times due to extra steps compared to normal projects :

    • Mail merge
    • Print
    • Send to mail house for stamping, presorting, delivering to mail carrier
    • Time in mail
  • Where can I download the templates needed for my project?

    Templates for all of our products can be found on our downloads page.

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The YellowDog experience

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Real-world prices

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