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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team.

Most of us are dog lovers. Some of us are actually cat people. Despite these polarizing differences, YellowDoggers are a rare example of bipartisan camaraderie.

If friends are the family we choose, and we all choose Team YellowDog, then that makes us one big friend-family-team, right? Yes. Let’s go with yes.

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team.

Interested in joining our team?

Our team works to make incredible visions come to life for our clients everyday through our shared values of curiosity, creativity and community. And maybe a little dog hair thrown in for good measure.

Interested in joining our team?

Our team works to make incredible visions come to life for our clients everyday through our shared values of curiosity, creativity and community. And maybe a little dog hair thrown in for good measure.

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Jenny Mulligan of YellowDog Denver

Jenny Mulligan


Hometown: Rock Island, IL

Bad at: puzzles, any design program except Canva, dog training

Good at: making chicken wings, spreadsheets, embarrassing my kids

Ask me about: using data to create a targeted marketing campaign

Recent Articles by Jenny:

Dan Mulligan of YellowDog Denver

Dan Mulligan

Lead Stratergenizer and tech cheese wiz

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Bad at: returning phone calls, remembering my name, telling my wife how amazing she is

Good at: helping you figure out your why, camping, 80’s dancing

Ask me about: saving up to 40% on your car insurance

Recent Articles by Dan:

Jen Gauerke of YellowDog Denver

Jennifer Gauerke

Creative Director

Hometown: Litchfield, Connecticut

Bad at: unicycling, emptying the dishwasher, applying makeup 

Good at: gardening, parallel parking, building campfires

Ask me about: creative solutions for businesses and nonprofits on tight budgets

Meredith Milburn of YellowDog Denver

Meredith Milburn, SHRM-CP

Human Resource Manager

Hometown: New Mexico and Wisconsin roots

Bad at: running marathons, dancing, and staying still

Good at: yoga, taking care of others, singing my responses and camping

Ask me about: Google Suite or anything on organization

Kristen Bowlin

Kris Bowlin

Senior Account Manager 

Hometown: A-town (Aurora, CO)

Bad at: resisting the snooze button,  putting clothes away, saying no to a sale 

Good at: not taking things too seriously, crafting, starting the party

Ask me about: most print related things but more specifically large format and installing

Laura Anderson of YellowDog Denver

Laura Anderson

Account Manager

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Bad at: waking up early, keeping every and all house plants alive, packing reasonably for vacation (gotta have that 9th sundress for a 4 day trip).

Good at: getting outside whenever possible, road tripping, spoiling every animal I meet

Ask me about: how to help with your wedding invitations and day-of printing!

Katie Hicks of YellowDog Denver

Katie Hicks

Account Manager

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

Bad at: shooting games, picking a restaurant, keeping plants alive

Good at: watching dog videos, Yahtzee, falling asleep 

Ask me about: all of the fun projects we can do!

Jason Minard of YellowDog Denver

Jason Minard

Account Manager

Hometown: Fargo, ND

Bad at: saying “I can’t”, folding laundry, picking the perfect wood stain, missing deadlines

Good at: building stuff, cooking, gardening, unfunny dad jokes, going fast on anything with two wheels

Ask me about: how to make your big idea a big reality

Mikki Murray of YellowDog Denver

Michaela Murray

Account Manager

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Bad at: getting up on time, saying no, not eating candy

Good at: singing, acting, dancing

Ask me about: how to get a YellowDog Quote today!

Sara-Lou Klein of YellowDog Denver

Sara-Lou Klein

Administrative Assistant

Bad at: keeping my art studio tidy, cooking anything beyond a frozen dinner, sending a g-chat shorter than a paragraph long

Good at: caring for others, drawing, stand-up paddleboarding

Ask me about:  how great your art will look when printed — on just about anything!

Christine Mealy of YellowDog Denver

Christine Mealy

Support Services Coordinator

Hometown: Claymont, Delaware

Bad at: remembering names, Google Calendar, knowing where I left my phone 

Good at: darts, kindergarten-level crafting, solving cold cases from the 80’s

Ask me about: pretty much anything!

Cynthia Ord of YellowDog Denver

Cynthia Ord

Marketing Manager

Hometown: Denver, CO

Bad at: wearing heels, trivia, picking out wine

Good at: cycling, writing, getting lost

Ask me about: organic marketing campaigns for small local businesses

Recent Articles by Cynthia:

Morgan Heslin of YellowDog Denver

Morgan Heslin


Hometown: I’m a military brat but I technically lived in Colorado Springs the longest.

Bad at: cooking, acting, yoga

Good at: comedy writing, drawing, identifying dog breeds

Ask me about: illustration

Lauren Pinto of YellowDog Denver

Lauren Pinto


Hometown: Lincoln Park, NJ

Bad at: driving, giving advice, being on time for anything ever

Good at: playing drums, geeking over musical theater, feeling all the feelings always

Ask me about: packaging design for boutique e-commerce products

Maria Nguyen of YellowDog Denver

Maria Nguyen


Hometown: Thornton, CO

Bad at: choosing a place to eat, knowing what to do with my hands, saying anything other than “it’s going” when someone asks me how it’s going

Good at: throwing up peace signs, crying, drawing body parts on things that should not have body parts

Ask me about: doodles I am simultaneously proud and ashamed of 

Lauren Beecher of YellowDog Denver

Lauren Beecher

Web Developer and Designer

Hometown: Old Saybrook, CT

Bad at: staying up late, limiting dessert intake, running

Good at: making coffee, writing songs, baking pies

Ask me about: how to write CSS and have a good time doing it 

Matt Wood of YellowDog Denver

Matt Wood

Front-end Developer | UI/UX Designer

Hometown: Fraser, Colorado

Bad at: team sports, fashion, baking

Good at: mountain biking, card gaming, gluten-free cooking

Ask me about: how to design and develop your website to meet your needs

Garner Eckerson of YellowDog Denver

Garner Eckerson

Production Manager

Hometown: Black Forest, CO

Bad at: mornings, talking about myself, networking events

Good at: fixing things, logic, art 

Ask me about: anything print or design related. I’ve been doing this a long time. 

Sarah McCann of YellowDog Denver

Sarah McCann

Small Format Production Manager

Hometown: St. Thomas, Ontario Canada

Bad at: taking care of my car, Mario Kart, folding laundry

Good at: sleeping, watching Netflix, walking in a straight line

Ask me about: anything that has to do with paper and printing!

Recent Articles by Sarah:

Vera Benschop of YellowDog Denver

Vera Benschop

Print Finishing Assistant

Hometown: Fishers, Indiana (sort of)

Bad at: winter sports, parallel parking, doing the dishes

Good at: hiking, book binding, taking photos

Ask me about: books and zines (and how to pronounce the word “zine”) 

QUINN Hassrick of YellowDog Denver

Quinn Hassrick

Print Production Specialist

Hometown: Whidbey Island, WA

Bad at: watering plants, sitting still, answering the phone

Good at: snowboarding, basketball, getting injured

Ask me about: my many adventures around the world

Baloo of YellowDog Denver


Chief Control Officer

Bad at: vacuum cleaners

Good at: putting up with Lucy, herding

Ask me about: herding cats- fact or fiction?

Lucy of YellowDog Denver


YellowDog 2.0

Bad at: stay

Good at: fetch, fetch, sleep, fetch

Ask me about: fetch, please

Recent Articles by Lucy:

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