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Local Women-Owned Businesses We Love to Support

Meet 14 YellowDog clients who are OWNING IT in the Colorado business community

It’s National Women’s Day year-round at YellowDog. We have SO much to celebrate as far as women leaders on our team and in our local business community. With Jenny Mulligan at the helm of YellowDog as President and majority owner, we’ve recently gained our Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) certification from the City of Denver and the State of Colorado.

We’re in good company. YellowDog couldn’t be more proud of the women-owned businesses we work with. Your enterprises take on many shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors, and it inspires us every day.

Even with all our combined victories, we still have a long way to go to reach parity with men at the ownership level. This is where we find a sense of purpose — to help bold women-owned businesses like these ones shine. Ladies, we’re cheering for you!

Amethyst Coffee women-owned business

amethyst coffee logoAmethyst Coffee Company

Elle Taylor, Owner & Barista
It’s been a tough past year for bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, but Amethyst Coffee has persevered and continues to pour chic coffee drinks at three Denver locations.
Owner and founder Elle Taylor made national headlines last year with her commitment to help her employees earn a living wage. In her words, “I wanted to provide people not just a workplace, but a company they could see themselves growing with.”
Amethyst + YellowDog
We print the stickers and labels for Amethyst’s beautifully branded coffee bean packaging.


Amplify Planners

YellowDog Design, Print and MarketingAmplify Planner

Chelsea Brown and Raeanne Dimick, Co-Founders
This friend duo is changing the printed planner game. They’ve designed a planner notebook that actually works for people’s daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly organizing. In Raeanne’s words, “A planner should be able to grow as you grow and shift as you shift.”
On their online store, you can take a peek at the layouts and even request free sample layouts to try out and see if they work for you.
Amplify Planner + YellowDog
Chelsea and Raeanne take pride in the fact these planner notebooks are printed and produced locally here on our YellowDog production floor in Denver, CO.


book bar mavis women-owned business


Nicole Sullivan, Owner
It’s an indie bookstore. It’s a wine bar with appetizers and desserts. It’s woman-owned. It’s all the things we love! Powered by purpose, BookBar also donates 10% of all book sales to its nonprofit organization, BookGive.
In Nicole’s words, “Our mission is to provide community literary space and to create and encourage more readers.” Now that’s something YellowDog can get behind — no matter how behind we get on our reading.
BookBar + YellowDog
We have the fortune of a years-long relationship with Nicole at BookBar, and it has gotten pretty serious. We’ve helped with everything from branding and logo design to window decals and a vehicle wrap of Mavis, their beloved bookmobile.


brindle and oak women-owned businesses

brindle and oakBrindle and Oak

Megan Grose, Founder, and Michelle Sutton, Director
Wedding planning, done beautifully. We love this female business duo not only because they’re clearly dog people (brindle is two-toned fur!) but also because what they do for couples is truly remarkable.
In their words, “Your engagement should be fun, filled with excitement and love. You should go on date nights without having to talk about wedding plans.”
Brindle and Oak + YellowDog
We’ve collaborated on all sorts of fun wedding invitations and projects for Megan and Michelle and their clients. But our recent favorite is the design and install of their storefront signage.


CHC Training

CHC Training logoCHC Training

Danaya Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO
CHC Training and YellowDog discovered each other as fellow recipients of the 2020 Colorado Companies to Watch Award. It’s true: this woman-owned environmental safety and training platform is worth watching! Danaya Wilson and her team are innovating with online courses and certifications that meet the standards of state regulators — both here in Colorado and nationwide. It’s inspiring to see Danaya growing and scaling her in-person and online classes like a boss.
CHC Training + YellowDog
We’re working with Danaya to formulate a comprehensive marketing plan that includes organic search strategy and email marketing.


coven and sage women-owned businesses

coven & sageCoven & Sage Tea Company

Laura Homann, Founder and Owner
Coven & Sage is organic loose leaf tea made to empower women. Our favorite flavor? Domina Grey (because the Earl has had his time), a black tea with orange rind, lavender, rosemary, and bergamot. Even better? Founder Laura Homann is dedicating to building a coven of women who support, uplift, and empower each other. 5% of profits from sales go to the Women’s Bean Project.
Laura got her start through inspiration from the strong community of women entrepreneurs in Denver. In her words, “For years I had known that I wanted to start a business of my own. Something small. Something creative. And something impactful.”
Coven & Sage + YellowDog
Laura came to us with a banner idea for her popup booth at a local market. We’re thrilled to see in-person markets popping back up!



dfine brandingdfine Branding

Danna Simons, President and Lead Brand Manager
Over the course of her branding career, Danna has turned heads in the Denver business community. She’s been featured in the Denver Business Journal’s “Making Their Mark” column and listed in ColoradoBIZ Magazine’s “Women to Watch” list.
She’s the brains behind dfine Branding, a vibrant woman-owned branding agency that brings bold designs to brands, events, and swag in Denver and around the world. If you’re looking for brand cohesion both online and off, Danna and her crew are ready to help.
dfine + YellowDog
We’re happy to deliver on the high standards for print collateral that Danna develops for her clients. Some of our favorite collabs have been notecards, postcards, letterheads, and even branded passports.


kti interiors women-owned businesses

YellowDog Design, Print and MarketingKimberly Timmons Interiors

Kimberly Timmons, Principal and Creative Director
KTI is an award-winning interior design firm based in Denver CO. They specialize in the three spheres of Hospitality, Interiors Merchandising and Residential design. We swoon over their gorgeous designs on Instagram and cheer on their wins such as making the 2020 Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Fabulous List.
Kimberly is an inspiration for women in business. For over 30 years Kimberly has been making her mark in the design world.
KTI + YellowDog
We’ve helped KTI with everything from calendar mailers to presentation books to canvas prints. It’s just so fun to see their images printed out in living color.


mccarthy messaging

YellowDog Design, Print and MarketingMcCarthy Messaging

Margie McCarthy, Founder and President
McCarthy Messaging is a strategic communications firm for visionary healthcare organizations in need of messaging, fact-finding & strategic planning, and PR expertise. Led by Margie McCarthy, the Colorado firm has landed big-fish healthcare clients with household names. She and her team are a big deal.
How does Margie do it? “I’m a moderate-to-high risk-taker. Not as gutsy as, say, a serial entrepreneur. But braver than the average person,” she says. “In my case, I think risk tolerance comes from being naturally optimistic and enthusiastic. I believe in possibilities!”
McCarthy Messaging + YellowDog
We’ve had the pleasure of delving into the McCarthy brand on everything from website and design work to printing envelopes and business cards.

Movet collage of work.

Movet logo.MoVET

Denver, Colorado
Stay home. Keep your pet comfy and stress-free. MoVET veterinarians and veterinary nurses will come to you. MoVET is the first and only app-driven veterinary clinic in the Denver area, offering housecall services for your pet’s primary and preventive care needs. As “your neighborhood vet, delivered” MoVET leverages technology as well as a network of local veterinarians to provide in-person and app-enabled veterinary services. Your furballs receive superior levels of care, right with the click of a button – and even in your own home! Pretty snazzy, right?
MoVET + YellowDog
YellowDog is helping MoVET with their new clinic opening. We’ve printed large format window stickers, and created flyers and other marketing assets for this exciting new business.


women-owned businesses

my make studioMy Make Studio

Linda Sudowski, Owner
My Make Studio is a decorate-it-yourself cupcake and cake studio specializing in complete decorating kits. It is cupcake and cake decorating made easy so you can make it look difficult! Book a table at their adorable Edgewater studio space, or order a kit to your home.
Linda Sudowski is the fearless leader at the heart of My Make. We got in touch for a Pawprint Chat with her, where she opened up about pivoting to virtual experiences during the pandemic. “While I knew that Denver embraced our edible craft, I learned that the whole country has a true love for cupcakes, just like us.”
My Make Studio + YellowDog
Our favorite cupcake-themed project with My Make has been designing the packaging for their mailed kits. We really got to dig into an “unboxing experience” to surprise and delight Linda’s customers.


ship sunshine

YellowDog Design, Print and MarketingShip Sunshine

Anna Costello, Founder and Owner
Opening a Ship Sunshine gift box feels like a barefoot romp through warm grass. And sending one to brighten someone’s day feels just as good. Anna Costello, the founder, found a way to spread joy in a box.
Anna’s priority is to fill her boxes with products whose values align with her own. In her words, “One of my main goals is to make sure that my values play a front-and-center role in my business. I want to make the concept of “be kind” into an actionable mindset, while having a strong community presence, support local, minority, and women-owned businesses, and also be eco-friendly.”
Ship Sunshine + YellowDog
YellowDog has the honor of printing the notecards, postcards, and stickers that find their way into these sunny gift boxes and their packaging.


spunk and love

spunk & loveSpunk & Love

Megan Larson, Owner and Designer
Megan is on fire as an Etsy maker and entrepreneur. She designs beautifully themed journals for life’s most noteworthy events and phases. Her mainstays are pregnancy journals and newborn journals. Here at YellowDog, our pet products are the dog journals and dog memory books. A Spunk & Love journal is sure to become a spiral-bound keepsake for your family to cherish.
Who is behind these treasures? Megan Larson is a spunky Coloradoan just like us. “On the rare occasion that I get out of my basement office (where the crafting magic happens), we enjoy hiking, biking, and general marveling at the beautiful state in which we live.”
Spunk & Love + YellowDog
Megan is the design genius behind this brand, and YellowDog is honored to be her local print production partner. We proudly support a number of Etsy makers, including our in-house YellowDog & Friends Etsy store, which features our team’s designs.


sticky fingers cooking

sticky fingers cookingSticky Fingers Cooking

Erin Fletter, Founder and Owner
We can’t get enough of women-powered food and cooking enterprises. Sticky Fingers Cooking provides fun, healthy cooking classes for kids. Shop online cooking classes, after-school programs, and summer camps for kids and teens. You can also peruse the collection of tasty healthy recipes, downloadable in PDF format that will catch kids’ eyes and get them excited about experimenting in the kitchen. As owner and Food Geek in Chief Erin Fletter puts it, “Cooking is becoming a lost art, and children want to learn it.”
Sticky Fingers Cooking + YellowDog
We’ve worked with Erin to build out brand assets such as logos, email graphics, and cookbook design for her sticky-fingered little customers.


too haute cowgirls women-owned businesses

YellowDog Design, Print and MarketingToo Haute Cowgirls

Amy Kirkpatrick, Co-Founder and Owner
A true Mountain Western brand, Too Haute Cowgirls gets its inspiration from the sweet-and-salty “rugged and unstoppable cowgirl attitude.” This popcorn has us hooked with its sugar, spice, and grit of pioneering women entrepreneurs.
With co-founder Deanna, Amy started Too Haute Cowgirls in the mountains of Colorado in late 2009. Fellow unrepentant popcorn addicts, the duo set out to create a selection of unique, sweet popcorn flavors. Success! Amy is a cowgirl on a mission. This popcorn brand works to empower women and girls facing barriers to employment and education.
Too Haute Cowgirls + YellowDog
Our pawprints are all over the Too Haute brand, from a logo and website redesign to packaging design and label printing. We would lasso the moon for Amy and her brand.


Are YOU a women-owned business in Colorado? First of all, can we just say? You are a total badass. Secondly, can we be bffs? Let’s get in touch and see how we can support each other. Our big idea is to help you realize yours.



Cynthia Ord

Cynthia Ord

Marketing Manager at YellowDog
Cynthia is YellowDog's Marketing Manager. When not making us look amazing to the rest of the world, she enjoys biking, hiking and the great outdoors.

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