Artist We Love: Adam Raiola

Adam’s vibrant, abstract mural art has earned itself a spot in some of Denver’s most high-profile neighborhoods, adding to a unique sense of place.

We 💛 artists. YellowDog has collaborated with many talented artists over the years — usually by making prints of their original works. We’ve helped artists productize their art with everything from giclee prints on canvas and archival posters to stickers and postcards.

Adam RaiolaIn this series, we interview a new artist each month and talk to them about the life and business of being an artist here in Colorado. Today we’re talking to Colorado native Adam Raiola, a graphic designer, and muralist whose art you may recognize.

YellowDog: Can you briefly tell us what kind of art you do?
Adam Raiola: I mainly paint vibrant, abstract murals.

YD: What has been your journey into an artistic career?
AR: I grew up in Westminster, Colorado and have been making art for as long as I can remember. I am a graphic designer by trade but dabble in furniture design, sewing, art installations, and more recently, murals.

Painting murals brings new excitement due to scale, material, and exposure to the elements. Creating art is different from graphic design because one is done from a place of pure expression while the other is a solution to a problem.

YD: Describe your artistic style in three words.

AR: Abstract. Colorful. Bold.

adam raiola mural 2

The business of art

YD: Do you sell your original pieces? If so, how and where?

AR: Most of my art is commission-based. You can visit my website to learn more.

YD: How do you get the word out about your art?

AR: Mostly by word-of-mouth and Instagram. Murals also act as their own billboards — bonus!

Adam Raiola firefly festival

The artist life

YD: What has been the proudest moment in your artistic career?

AR: Besides my crude mountainscape painting from preschool that adorns my parent’s fridge? Being chosen to create a bespoke art installation for Firefly Music Festival.

YD: What part of being an artist do you like the best? Least?

AR: The best part is the freedom to create without constraints. The irony is it’s also the part I like the least because it can be hard to figure out what to create since the possibilities are endless.

YD: Where do you go (virtually or in-person) to experience great art?

AR: Virtually:,, Instagram
In-person: I’ve had the privilege of traveling a lot (pre-COVID), which has allowed me to see various art in museums and in the streets of other countries/cultures.

Adam Raiola art

Rapid-fire questions

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Dog 100%. Nothing against cats, I am just allergic 🙁

Early bird or night owl?
Night Owl. Murals often force me to be an early bird though

Go-to drink of choice?
Spiced chai latte with soy milk

Best party trick?
Showing up

What show are you currently binging?
Making It! Season 3

Any book you’re currently reading?
Sabrina & Corina by Kali Fajardo-Anstine

What do you miss the most about pre-pandemic life?

Adam Raiola mural art

YD: Thanks so much, Adam! It’s been a pleasure following your work, and we’re here for you for vinyl stencils or any other large-format materials you may need for your murals!

Where can we find you?

Graphic Design:

YellowDog Design, Print and MarketingWould YOU like to be featured as an Artist We Love? We’re always looking for local artists, makers, and designers to feature in this series. Get in touch to find out more!

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