Artist We Love: Laura Guese

Laura has always had her head in the clouds as an artist, creating atmospheric skyscapes that depict airy thunderhead formations in an abstract light.

We 💛 artists. YellowDog has collaborated with many talented artists over the years — usually by making prints of their original works. We’ve helped artists productize their art with everything from giclee prints on canvas and archival posters to stickers and postcards.

In this series, we interview a new artist each month and talk to them about the life and business of being an artist here in Colorado. Today we’re talking to Laura Guese, a Denver native and avid world traveler who gains her inspiration from the big skies of the American West.

YellowDog: Can you briefly tell us what kind of art you do? 

Laura Guese: I paint large-scale atmospheric oil paintings. For the past few years, I’ve been focused on the abstract nature of clouds.

YD: What has been your journey into an artistic career? 

LG: I’ve always loved painting and decided to get a degree in art in college. My senior year I started selling my art, so I decided to pursue art as a career. It has definitely had its ups and downs over the years, but I love creating paintings that inspire others and hopefully allow the viewer to feel a sense of calm and peace.

YD: Describe your artistic style in three words. 

LG: Surreal, imagined, peaceful.

The business of art

YD: Do you sell your original pieces? If so, how and where? 

LG: Yes, I sell my original paintings at Walker Fine Art in Denver, George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles, and Scarlow’s Gallery in Casper, WY.

Laura Guese Art

YD: Do you sell prints as well? Why or why not? 

LG: I don’t have prints readily available to purchase at the moment, but that is something I’m looking to offer in the next few months.

YD: How do you get the word out about your art? 

LG: My galleries are great at getting the word out about my art. It’s nice they can promote my art so that I can focus more on creating. I also have a mailing list that I send out emails periodically with updates about my art. I use Instagram as well, although I’m not the biggest social media fan.

The artist life

YD: What has been the proudest moment in your artistic career? 

LG: The proudest moment of my artistic career was being commissioned for a large mural for the Le Meridien hotel in downtown Denver. I had never created a mural before or worked on such a large scale, so it was wonderful to be able to push myself artistically and create something so large for a public space.

Laura Guese Art

YD: What part of being an artist do you like the best? Least? 

LG: The part of being an artist I like the best is connecting with other people and creating art that feels like its own form of communication and emotions. I love getting lost in creating my art and being in the zone. It’s a wonderfully meditative process. The part I like the least is the unpredictability of the profession. It can be very stressful not knowing when my next sale might happen.

YD: Where do you go (virtually or in-person) to experience great art? 

LG: To experience great art, I love to check out the Kirkland Museum here in Denver. I love seeing the progression of artistic expressions over time. The museum is laid out in a chronological historic order, so it is inspiring to walk through each room and see that progression in art, as well as the focus on local Colorado art throughout time.


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Rapid-fire questions

Are you a dog person or a cat person? 


Early bird or night owl? 

Early bird

Go-to drink of choice? 


Best party trick? 

I can Irish step dance a jig

What show are you currently binging? 

Nothing at the moment, but Schitt’s Creek is the best and most binge-worthy show!

What do you miss the most about pre-pandemic life? 

International travel! I have the worst wanderlust!

YD: Thanks so much, Laura! It’s been a pleasure getting lost in the clouds through your art. Your paintings add a sense of calm and uplift to any space they occupy. 

Where can we find you?


Instagram: lauraguese

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