Meet Bailey Patterson: YellowDog’s Newest Sustainability Fellow

Bailey, a CSU MBA Impact student, is bringing her passion for corporate sustainability to YellowDog, with 400 hours of workplace research, planning, and implementation that will further our goals of being an increasingly earth-friendly workplace.

As a local design, print, and marketing studio, we use a lot of paper, power, and other energy-consuming resources that it takes to get the job done.

Because of this, we’re constantly striving to reduce our pawprint so that we can be a good neighbor in our community and a good steward of our planet. In the past few years, we’ve implemented green initiatives such as a yard sign recycling program, provided recycle-friendly signage options to clients, and have set hard goals to become a more eco-friendly office.

Bailey Patterson Impact MBARecently, we applied as a host business for CSU’s MBA Impact Fellowship Program, which places master’s degree candidates in real-world business settings for the summer. We’re extremely lucky to be matched with a sustainability fellow who will be signing on to YellowDog for 400 hours of corporate sustainability evaluating and planning.

Our new sustainability fellow, Bailey Patterson, is going to be spending the next few months improving YellowDog’s pawprint, as we take steps towards becoming a more sustainable workplace. By collecting data from our studio and performing hands-on research, Bailey will develop a plan to align YellowDog’s current processes with our goals of becoming a greener workplace, verified through certifications such as Denver’s Certifiably Green program, Colorado’s Green Business Network, and eventually B Corps certification.

We took some time to get to know Bailey before she joins us in May, and this is what we found about her…..

YD: Hi Bailey! We’re so excited for you to join the YellowDog pack. Where are you originally from?

BP: I am originally from Berthoud, CO.

YD: What drew you to CSU’s Impact MBA program? Can you share a story or detail from the program, such as your favorite course, instructor, or assignment?

BP: I have had a passion for sustainability for as long as I can remember. Over time I began to realize that while sustainability is framed as a consumer responsibility, corporations are responsible for the bulk of emissions as well as available products (how can anyone be sustainable when most stores only stock brands that use single-use packaging??). I thought that it would be so cool to help educate these firms and see the ROI in environmental actions! I found the Impact MBA program and it was a perfect fit!

Bailey Patterson, CSU Impact MBA fellow
Bailey (bottom row, second from right) at an event with fellow CSU Impact MBA students.

YD: Awesome! What are you looking forward to most in this fellowship? What struck you about YellowDog as a good match?

BP: I am looking forward most to both applying the concepts that I am learning and my previous experience to helping the team with this project, but also to working with and learning from this team! The company’s mission and its wide range of clients really resonated with me, and the project description gave me so much excitement! A secret:– YellowDog was my first choice 😉

YD: What are your main goals for the fellowship? What would success look like to you?

BP: My main goal for the fellowship is to create a lasting project for your company. I am excited that your team cares enough to host a sustainability fellow, and I will be successful by developing not only a project, but a lasting process, by the end of this summer.

YD: After the fellowship, what kind of work can you picture yourself doing in the field of corporate sustainability and social responsibility? What would be your dream job?

BP: My dream job looks very similar to this project, actually! My background is in data analytics, which I love. I was just in the wrong sector and collecting the wrong types of data if I wanted my job to also be my passion (which I do!). My goal is to collect environmental data for a company and use this to create annual reports (internal and external), stakeholder engagement presentations, and apply for certifications to signal to consumers that the company’s values align with their own.

Bailey Patterson, Impact MBA fellow at YellowDog

Now for some friendly rapid-fire questions

What are three things you’re good at?

Making people feel included and energized, loving my dog [the most], and celebrating the little things.

What are three things you’re bad at?

Balancing on my right foot, not having a cup of coffee in the morning, and saying quick goodbyes.

What unique knowledge do you have that we should ask you about?

You should ask me about how to tell your story through data.

Dog on a leash

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Dog person, but cool cats are welcome!

Early bird or night owl?

More of a night owl but depends on Daylight Savings Time.

Favorite local beer?

Right now, CSU has a great golden ale brewed called Cam’s Gold.


What’s your best party trick?

Being group mom.

What show are you currently binging?

Schitt’s Creek for the nth time.

Any book you’re currently reading?

Currently reading The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson.

Aside from the fellowship, what are you looking forward to most this summer?

Paddleboarding on Horsetooth Reservoir.

Thanks, Bailey! We’re excited to include you in all our summer fun at YellowDog, and we’re sure it will be a fruitful and rewarding learning experience for us all. Cheers to Summer 2022!

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