Go Easy on the Planet with Recycle-Friendly Signage

We’ve sourced FOUR 100% paper alternatives for your signs and displays

If one of your resolutions for this year is to run a greener, cleaner business, YellowDog can help. We’ve spent some time looking for more earth-friendly replacements for materials such as corrugated plastic (coroplast), laminate-coated foam boards, expanded PVC board, and styrene.

What do all these synthetic materials have in common? Here in Denver and in most places, they’re not recyclable in the usual purple bins for municipal collection. They’re classified as “hard-to-recycle” materials.

If you’re looking to keep it simple and recyclable, ask about any of these 100% paper options.

chipboard sheets for printing

Chipboard Sheets

(available in 40pt kraft or 50 pt white)
You might recognize chipboard as the board that is used to strengthen pads of paper and envelopes. Chipboard is rigid and dimensionally stable. Choose from natural (kraft) or white for the underside.


dispa paperboard

DISPA Paper Board

DISPA consists of a patented embossed formed paper core that is laminated on both sides with bright white, smooth paper surfaces – a unique composition that makes this paper board lightweight yet extremely rigid, strong and dimensionally stable. Signage created with DISPA stay flat yet are easy to handle and hang.


bulldog board

Bulldog Board

(available in 2mm and 3mm thickness)
In addition to its canine nomenclature, Bulldog Board is great because it is rigid and durable, and also biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Use this lightweight paperboard for any of your indoor signage needs: hanging signs, table toppers, retail displays, etc.


falcon board (Eagle Cell)

Falcon Board (Eagle Cell)

(available in ¼” and ½” thickness)
The thickest of our paper-based board options, Falcon Board (also known as Eagle Cell) wins the award for compression strength and rigidity. Its unique honeycomb core is totally reusable and recyclable. It is produced with up to 20% recycled paper content.

What can we make with fully recyclable boards?

What hard-to-recycle materials do our options replace?

  • Corrugated plastic (coroplast)
  • Laminate-coated foam boards
  • Expanded PVC boards
  • Styrene

Recycling dropoff at YellowDog

A quick reminder that YellowDog is an official recycling dropoff point for yard signs and other coroplast signs. Bring in your expired yard signs, and we’ll give them a planet-friendly afterlife.

See the samples

We printed a few signs on each of these recyclable board options to display them on our storefront from inside our windows (an eco-friendly alternative to window decals and clings). That will put them to the test of durability and longevity. We love the brightness and satiny shine on them. Stop by to see these samples for yourself, or get in touch with your next big (100% recyclable) idea!

Dan Mulligan

Dan Mulligan

Dan is YellowDog's Tinkerer in Chief, head labrador wrangler, and senior web designer. He loves playing with new (digital) toys and slinging dad jokes.
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