Artist We Love: Mallory McCamy

Mallory’s nature-inspired paintings capture landscapes and animals with a bright and contemporary twist.

We 💛 artists. YellowDog has collaborated with many talented artists over the years — usually by making prints of their original works. We’ve helped artists productize their art with everything from giclee prints on canvas and archival posters to stickers and postcards.

Mallory McCamyIn this series, we interview a new artist each month and talk to them about the life and business of being an artist here in Colorado. Today we’re talking to Mallory McCamy. Here at YellowDog, she’s most famous for her adorable ‘Yawning Wild Animals’ 2021 calendar, which we had the honor of printing.

YellowDog: Hi Mallory! Can you briefly tell us what kind of art you do?

Mallory McCamy: My artistic practice is a response to the wonder of nature: both landscapes and animals alike. My preferred mediums are watercolors on paper as well as acrylic or gouache paints on wood panel or canvas.

YD: What has been your journey into an artistic career?

MM: I have been storytelling through my art since I was a kid. I clung to my artistic curiosity all the way through college and graduated with a BA in Studio Art with a focus in painting and drawing. When I graduated I worked as a graphic artist and picked up a few other odd jobs that were more “safe and practical” until I found myself unsatisfied.

Mallory McCamy

I was always painting and sharing my art on Instagram (this was around the time when Instagram was shifting from more personal to a platform where you could run a business) and decided to take the leap and launched my first website. I just celebrated my five-year business anniversary of Mallory McCamy Art on March 9, 2021 🙂 It has been a wild journey already, and I so look forward to what is to come!

YD: Describe your artistic style in three words.

MM: Serene, Wondrous and Earthy

Mallory McCamy aspens

The business of art

YD: Do you sell your original pieces? If so, how and where?

MM: Yes I do! You can find them on my website under the Fine Art tab.

YD: Do you sell prints as well? Why or why not?

MM: Yes I do! I enjoy having my art accessible for everyone. Prints are also for sale on my website, in the Prints section.

YD: How do you get the word out about your art?

MM: Social media has been a great help. Especially my Instagram. I also love word of mouth and having a booth set up at local art markets.

Mallory McCamy Yawning Animals

The artist life

YD: What has been the proudest moment in your artistic career?

MM: Selling my first painting in 5th grade for $25 😉 haha but for real…probably launching my first large collection of original paintings this past fall.

YD: What part of being an artist do you like the best? Least?

MM: I love the flexibility and freedom that comes with being an artist and working for myself. The hardest part for me and my personality is staying structured. Oh and pricing my worth.

YD: Where do you go (virtually or in-person) to experience great art?

MM: Of course I love a good gallery hop and seeing art shows in person. If not, I love discovering new artists on Instagram or Pinterest and connecting online.

Mallory McCamy animals

Rapid-fire questions

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Can I be both? I have two dogs (Mumford, a male Bernese Mountain Dog and Sadie, a female Black Labrador) that I adore, but I did grow up with cats (we would have one but my husband is allergic … still working on that).

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

Go-to drink of choice?

Honey cinnamon oat milk latte.

Any book you’re currently reading?

I am in a monthly book club, and I am currently reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee.

What do you miss the most about pre-pandemic life?

Going to concerts and seeing live music.

Fun fact about yourself?

I am training for running my first half marathon ever in Yellowstone National Park this June.

Favorite activities?

Hiking, yoga, walking my dogs, coffee shop dates with friends.

Mallory McCamy trees

YD: Thank you so much, Mallory. It’s always fun to admire your art as we run it through our printers. We especially love your dog portraits!

Instagram: @mallorymccamyart

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