Artist We Love: Karla Horst

Karla is an artist, illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer, and Colorado local. Explore her nature-inspired originals and prints.

We 💛 artists. YellowDog has collaborated with many talented artists over the years — usually by making prints of their original works. We’ve helped artists productize their art with everything from giclee prints on canvas and archival posters to stickers and postcards.

In this series, we interview a new artist each month and talk to them about the life and business of being an artist here in Colorado. Today we’re talking with Karla Horst.

YellowDog: Hi Karla! Can you briefly tell us what kind of art you do?

Karla Horst: I love to be creative and I am moved by many muses — from still life, animals, florals, and more. I have fun playing and experimenting with many mediums, different substrates, and different techniques. I work primarily with watercolor and also play with acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, graphite, and wax encaustics.

YD: What has been your journey into an artistic career?

KH: At an early age I would spend hours drawing, painting, creating made-up worlds of color and play. In school, I loved my art classes and one teacher told my mom I should be in art classes outside of school. At that time there were only classes available for older ladies painting bowls of fruit in oil paint.

Karla Horst florals

Fast forward to the late 90s and early 2000: I started taking classes at Arapahoe Community College, received an Associates’ Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, then took numerous art classes. My teachers pushed me out of my nest to start showing my art at art shows, etc. I have taken other classes off and on and learned different techniques that have allowed me to be more playful, versatile, and expressive with my art styles. I would say the most consistent aspect of art is that I have a tendency to heavily saturate the paintings with color and I like contrast in lighting/shading.

YD: Describe your artistic style in three words.

KH: Realistic, Abstract, and Experimental

Karla Horst art

The business of art

YD: Do you sell your original pieces? If so, how and where?

KH: Yes, I sell from galleries, shows, websites, Facebook, and email marketing.

YD: Do you sell prints as well? Why or why not?

KH: Yes, prints and my greeting cards, which I also sell at some of Colorado’s Natural Grocer locations. I like to share my creations to all and if they can’t afford an original they can at least enjoy a bit more affordable art.

YD: How do you get the word out about your art?

KH: My websites, Facebook, emails, shows, and galleries.

Karla Horst

The artist life

YD: What has been the proudest moment in your artistic career?

KH: The proudest moment in my career so far was going back to school, reconnecting with my creativity, and finding an avenue to not only create beautiful art but to make money at doing what I love.

YD: What part of being an artist do you like the best? Least?

KH: I love being with my art, being lost in the creating and also found in the creating as time becomes lost and the fullness of art blossoms into a life of its own. It brings me so much delight.

Less appealing are the challenges to stay up with the business aspects of being an artist — but they must get done.

YD: Where do you go (virtually or in-person) to experience great art?

KH: I like to explore museums and galleries as well as books, magazines, and websites, etc. It inspires and fulfills my creative needs of appreciation for all art.

karla horst dog

YD: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

KH: I am a dog person but still love cats and do commission pieces on pets and more.

YD: What do you miss the most about pre-pandemic life?

KH: I miss going places and seeing family and friends and enjoying eating out at restaurants and seeing movies and traveling the world with my sister.

My husband, our sweet girl dog Sam and I are at least able to go on walks together so that helps to not be so lonely.

YD: Thanks so much, Karla! It has been a pleasure to watch you bring your art to life, and to help with the production of your art prints.

Facebook: Karla Fine Art & Illustration
Gallery: The Majestic Gallery in Idaho Springs

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