Three Different Styles of Stickers to Make Your Brand Pop

Get your logo or marketing message out there with eye-catching, customizable stickers.

This year, YellowDog began in-house printing a new product to our customers that is a real treat for everyone: custom stickers! 

It’s not hard to see why stickers are so popular – they’re tactile, trendy, and so fun to peel. And for all the small business owners we work with, custom stickers are a low-cost marketing tool that can raise brand awareness and win customer loyalty. Who doesn’t love a free sticker at a trade show or event? 

die cut stickers

If you’re looking for an easy way to express your brand’s personality, a well-designed and well-placed sticker is an excellent way to go. Feature your logo, custom artwork, or a funny saying for the chance to turn anyone into your personal brand ambassador. 

As sticker lovers and makers ourselves, we know there are countless ways to use stickers to increase your business’s marketing efforts. We’re here to help you find the best sticker style for you. Let’s look at the three types of stickers and how to use them for your business.

Roll-Cut Stickers

roll cut custom stickers

Roll-cut stickers are made on a continuous liner and then rolled around a cardboard spool. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be printed in full color. We recommend this option for businesses looking for a large number of stickers for bulk packaging and labeling purposes. Plus, they’re easy to store!

How to use them for your business:

  • Custom packaging for shipping orders
  • Product labels for food packaging
  • Use as stationery for your business

die cut stickers

Die-Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are printed to the exact shape and specifications of the custom design, which means no additional sticker border is left behind on the paper after application. These stickers are perfect for creating intricate designs and look great when displayed on almost anything.

How to use them for your business:

  • Raise brand awareness by gifting to customers and employees (free advertising! Well, almost..)
  • Monetize them by selling your stickers as branded merchandise
kiss cut stickers

Kiss-Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers are also printed in a custom shape, but they’re not cut all the way through the backing paper. This means they have an extra surrounding sticker border and paper that remains once the sticker has been peeled off. Kiss-cut stickers allow you to keep a set of stickers together on the same sheet, making them a great option for businesses looking to sell them as a product.

How to use them for your business:

  • Hand them out at live events such as trade shows and networking events
  • Apply to storefront windows, cars, and water bottles to promote your business

We can print custom stickers for your business

Stickers are a nostalgic treat for your customers and will create a lasting impression for as long as they stick around. Talk to an account manager today about creating your own personalized stickers that you can sell or use to promote your business!

Lucy the Yellow Dog

Lucy the Yellow Dog

Kelsey is the newest addition to YellowDog’s marketing team. When she’s not storytelling about YellowDog and our amazing local clients, you can find her on the ski lifts in the winter and taking in shows at Red Rocks in the summer.
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