Custom Stickers: Printing & Design

Build brand awareness and spark customer loyalty with custom sticker printing.

Custom Stickers: Printing & Design

Build brand awareness and spark customer loyalty with custom sticker printing.

Custom stickers are a stellar way to get your brand noticed. Stick them on your shipping orders, pass them out at trade shows and networking events, and even at your local coffee shop. Stickers are one of the most versatile ways to get your logo in front of new customers, and ensure that your marketing message *sticks* around.

Custom sticker printing, the YellowDog way
  • We do die-cut, kiss-cut, and other shape and style options
  • Stickers are customized to dispense and peel how you want them to
  • Choose from indoor or outdoor materials and unique finishes
  • Work with an account manager that will watch over your custom sticker project
  • Level up your custom sticker art with help from our in-house team of designers, or DIY with our free templates


Three different styles of custom sticker printing

The three main methods of custom sticker printing that you can choose from at YellowDog are die cut, kiss-cut, and roll cut. Each style of sticker is uniquely designed to peel, stick, and promote for your business, and each type of sticker has its own advantages. Our simple guide below you will guide you in your sticker-making journey.

Die cut Hello sticker by YellowDog Denver.

Die cut

A die cut sticker is a sticker that can be cut into any shape you choose, meaning your custom stickers can be as unique as you. Die cut stickers are cut around the edge of your design, through both the sticker and paper layers so there’s no extra backing.

Main features: durable, individually cut, vinyl, waterproof

Best for: intricate sticker designs, such as those with sharp edges, and for smaller quantities such as limited run product labels

Most common uses: These individually cut stickers are also great for reselling or gifting to customers, who will promote your business for free. They can be placed on car bumpers, bikes, laptops, and water bottles…the options are endless.


Kiss cut branded sticker by YellowDog Denver.

Kiss cut

Kiss cut stickers are cut through the vinyl layer only, meaning the paper backing stays intact. You can still choose a custom shape, but kiss cut stickers will have extra backing around the sticker. Kiss cut stickers allow you to keep a set of stickers together on the same sheet, making them a great option for businesses looking to sell them as a product.

Main features: easy to peel, can print as a set

Best for: sets of stickers, large quantity of stickers, extra backing for product information and messages

Most common uses: Popular uses for this type of sticker are for parties, fundraising, artists, trade shows, or giveaways.


Roll cut branded sticker by YellowDog Denver.

Roll cut

As their name suggests, roll cut stickers are made on a continuous liner and then rolled around a cardboard spool. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be printed in full color. This type of sticker is die cut, so there is no extra paper which makes peeling them off a breeze. We recommend this option for businesses looking for a large quantity of stickers for packaging and labeling purposes.

Main features: easy peeling

Best for: sets of stickers, large quantity of stickers

Most common uses: Popular uses for this type of sticker are for parties, fundraising, artists, trade shows, or giveaways.


Need help designing the sticker of your dreams?

Our graphic designers are experts at bringing your vision to life and can help you turn your artwork or logo into either a die cut, kiss cut, or roll cut sticker, whichever is best for your final use.


  • Do you print stickers/labels?
    Yes! Many kinds for many uses. The best way to start is by letting us know exactly how you will be using these stickers or labels. Where are you putting them? Indoors or outdoors? Permanent or temporary? Will you be writing on them? Do you have a preference for glossy or matte? Do you need them to be on a roll? Any custom shapes or perforations? Roughly how many will you need? What size? Will you have different versions of the artwork? The more information, the better.
  • How much do they cost?
    That depends. We have so many options that we will need to know your exact quantity, material, and sizing before providing a custom quote. The more information you can give us upfront, the better and faster we can help you.
  • Do you have a material that can get wet?
    Yes! We have a variety of options for windows, bumpers, and bottles containing oils, waters, or tinctures. While nothing is truly waterproof and any material will wear & tear over time, we have many options that are water- and oil-resistant.
  • Do you offer die-cut or kiss-cut stickers? Individually cut vinyl lettering?
    Yes! We offer die-cut (the backer is the same size and shape as the sticker), kiss-cut (the sticker is a custom shape, but the backer is larger than the sticker), and cut-vinyl lettering (think store hours in a window). Kiss-cut stickers allow for easier peeling and application, and are also available on a roll. Cut vinyl and die-cut stickers have minimum size and width requirements and require a vector art file, so please be aware that some changes may need to be made to your design.
  • Can we do metallic inks, foils, reflective materials, embossing, perforations, fold-outs, tamper-proof, clear, etc?
    Perhaps! We’ve done all sorts of specialty finishes with custom stickers. These extras are available for some types of labels and may come with an additional cost, as well as additional production and quoting time. It never hurts to ask.
  • Can I get my labels on a roll? How about on a sticker sheet?
    Yes and yes! Please let us know how you would like the stickers positioned on the roll (the “unwind direction”), as well as if you will be using a label gun and have any limitations on core-width, or roll size.
  • How fast can I get my custom stickers or labels?
    Standard turnaround times of 5-7 business days generally apply. However, in some custom cases of highly customized orders, this may be longer.
  • Can I see a proof?
    Yes! While we generally offer proofs for free, in some cases there may be a charge for label and sticker proofs, as well as an additional few days of production time.
  • Do you do window clings?
    We sure do! Please let us know which side of the window you would like to adhere the clings to, and be sure that when applying your cling, your window is clean and not too cold.
  • I have a bottle that holds 2 ounces. What size label do I need?
    Since there is so much variation in package shape and sizing, we depend on you to provide us with accurate and exact label sizing. We recommend breaking out that ruler, paper, scissors, and tape and getting crafty to create a few prototypes before ordering your labels, and to always request a proof!

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