Our 2024 design, print & marketing resolutions

New year, same dogs, a few new tricks and at least 20 reasons to celebrate

It’s a new year, and we’re ready to make it re-bark-able. We’ve got a pack of experts ready to show off their best tricks (plus a few new surprises) to make our customers and neighbors smile more every day. We’ll be running circles around 2023 in no time.

In the spirit of fresh starts, we’re sharing a few of our biggest resolutions for this sure-to-be blue ribbon year. 

Staying curious, building community & feeding our creativity

Asking all of the questions. The more we learn about our customers, the better we can connect them with new audiences, get the most out of their budgets and bring their big ideas to life. We want to know it all, so get ready to dive deep with us.

Sniffing all the butts (figuratively speaking). That’s right, we’re curious and we want to be friends. 

Getting out from behind the screen. Let’s meet in person! Let’s get on the phone! When a quick email isn’t quite doing the trick, we encourage our team and our clients to take it offline. When we come together and talk for real, there’s nothing we can’t solve.

Living like someone left the gate open. Let’s play. Let’s explore. Let’s break out and have adventures! 

Learning something new every time we talk to our clients–especially those who’ve been with us a long time–and finding new ways YellowDog can help their businesses be seen. Something we hear all the time is “I didn’t know you did that, too!” By the end of this year, we hope no one will be able to say that. 

Staying connected with our community through charity drives, volunteer days and events. Community is in our DNA. Some of our favorite days in 2023 were spent serving our neighbors with some pretty outstanding results:

Giving back in 2023: Our year in numbers

Recycling more, wasting less. We’re kind of trash nerds, and this is the year we truly embrace it. Leftover paper stock? All-recycled notebooks, please! Unused labels? New inventory management to use what we’ve got and let less go to waste. Yard signs littering the block? Let us recycle those for you! 

Harnessing the creative superpowers of each YellowDog team member. Cross-training, growth mindset, mentorship and continuing education–we love that stuff! YellowDog embraces the individuality of everyone on the team and our managers help us navigate our unique paths to success. Every strength hidden within our ranks is something that will make us all stronger together and help us do more for your business. 

Petting more dogs. Playing more fetch. Sharing more treats. Anything and everything that makes life and work more fun.

Sharing an exciting new YellowDog platform with all of you in the months to come. Look out for new capabilities, easier ordering and portals to make just about everything you do with YellowDog smoother and faster. New tools are going to free up time for the humans around here to do more of what they do best–crafting and delivering better business solutions for you. More to come soon! Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss a beat.

Celebrating everything

Sure, 2024 is a leap year with a Summer Olympics and a presidential election. But, most importantly, it’s YellowDog’s 20th anniversary! Look forward to anniversary delights all year–monthly treats, throwback highlights and lots of things in batches of 20, all culminating in big fabulous birthday month celebrations coming up in September!

YellowDog - 20 years of Design, Print & Marketing Excellence

Cheers to another year of the best print, design and marketing in town!

Katie O'Dell

Katie O'Dell

Katie works on all things storytelling, brand-building and content creation as YellowDog's marketing manager.

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