20 TOTALLY FREE random acts of kindness you can do right now

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we're sharing 20 lists of 20 things in 2024!

Short on cash, creativity, or energy? Let’s be honest, that’s pretty much all of us. So we’re making it easy to be kind today–no money or brainpower required.

  1. Pick up the next piece of trash you find on the street. (Kindness to the planet counts extra.) 
  2. Call your mom. Or your dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or your third cousin twice removed.
  3. Say “good morning” to the people you see every day before jumping into the business at hand.
  4. Bake cookies & share them. (Who doesn’t have flour, sugar and crisco gathering dust in the back of the cabinet? Don’t overthink it.)
  5. Give your favorite small business a five-star review. 
  6. Text someone you haven’t talked to yet this year and ask how their 2024 is going.
  7. Tell your coworkers what you admire about them. Bonus: Tell your boss what you admire about your coworkers.
  8. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway or clean off your roommate’s car the next time it snows.
  9. Smile at someone on the sidewalk. Even if you don’t feel like it. 
  10. Send a thank-you note.
  11. Make someone a playlist.
  12. Ask someone for advice on something they’re particularly knowledgeable about—and tell them you’re asking because you value their expertise.
  13. Play with your pet, and don’t stop for a whole five minutes.
  14. Put aside extra snacks, gloves or hand warmers you have around the house to share when someone asks. 
  15. Invite a friend for a walk. 
  16. Put a book you’ve already read in a little free library.
  17. Return your grocery cart.
  18. Stay home if you’re sick–that’s showing kindness to your body AND to everyone you avoid sharing germs with.
  19. Let that person merge in front of you. 
  20. Tell an artist how much their work means to you. Whether it’s an author, a musician or an Instagram creator, leave a comment or send a DM. Maybe they won’t read it, but maybe they will. They probably won’t respond. Doesn’t matter—it’s the kindness that counts. 
Katie O'Dell

Katie O'Dell

Katie works on all things storytelling, brand-building and content creation as YellowDog's marketing manager.

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