New Treat! FREE Print-At-Home Appreciation/Thank You Note

If you have a home printer, you've got a FREE thank you note at your fingertips.

Need a paper thank-you note right this minute? We’ve got you covered. If you’re out of stationery (or never owned any in the first place!), here’s your chance to try your hand at a handwritten note. We can’t spend time face-to-face with each other quite like we did pre-pandemic. But we can still deliver messages to the people who are making our days a little better.

Nothing says “I appreciate you” like a handwritten note. What to write it on? Even if you’re stuck at home, there’s no need to settle for a plain piece of notebook paper or printer paper.

This pair of thank you notes are made for at-home printers and standard 8.5″x11″ printer paper. All you need is a bit of printer toner and a pair of scissors to cut them apart.

printable thank you notes


Notes of appreciation are a great gesture for:

  • neighbors
  • health care workers
  • teachers
  • essential workers
  • friends and family
  • coworkers and colleagues
  • clients and customers
  • any hero you know


thank you note

Why handwrite a note of thanks or appreciation?

While everyone has their own reasons for thanking others and making kind gestures, here are five reasons for anyone to handwrite a thank-you note:

  •  Note-writing is a good New Year’s resolution or 30-day challenge
  •  Cards are more tactile and special than a digital message
  • The recipient will feel extra-appreciated
  • You’ll get a mood boost for doing something nice for others
  • To make sure you still know how to use a pen and paper


print a thank-you note


Three tips for writing the perfect note

You’ve printed out these notes. You’ve found a good pen and tested it out. Now your pen is raised, but you freeze up. If you have note writer’s block, here are a few ideas and tips to make sure your card turns out great.

  1. Keep it short. There’s not a lot of space on the quarter-page interior of this note, so keep your message down to one or two sentences. This is a note, not a full-on letter.
  2. Keep it real. Steer clear of using exaggerations or cliches. A handwritten note doesn’t need to be formal. Use your own casual voice, and personalize it with specific details.
  3. Practice your penmanship. If it’s been a while since you’ve hand-written something, don’t attempt cursive for the first time since middle school. Practice a sentence on scratch paper first.


printable thank you card

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