Fun Printables


We made you a treat!

 Have a home printer? Download and print yo’self a little something. Because we’re all at home a lot these days. Because we could all use a little extra fun and stress relief right now. Because everyone deserves a treat.

COVID Coloring Book

Download this free coloring book with seven full pages of intricate patterns for lovers of dogs, cats, and creativity.

Cook Book Cover

Because we’re all cooking and stress-baking a lot these days. 

Download this FREE cookbook, lovingly compiled by the YellowDog team.

These twelve recipes offer a glimpse of what’s on our stoves and in our ovens. Choose from fresh healthy salads, comfy-cozy main courses, and sweet treats to top it off.

Journal your way through these stay-at-home days. 

Download and print this free bullet journal. This PDF includes pages for 31 days of guided journaling, plus a daily accountability tracker, a daily self check-in, lists, a freeform calendar, and more.

Journaling is a healthy end-of-day ritual that helps you to

  • limit your screen time by writing on paper
  • track your habits and progress toward goals
  • keep your at-home days from blurring together
  • take some time for reflection and mindfulness
  • document this historic, unprecedented period of time

With much love from the YellowDog team.