New Treat! FREE Wallpaper (Background) Art for Your Phone

Dress your device screen in a fresh new outfit.

We all spend a lot of time looking at our screens these days. Make sure your background reminds you of something special and unique. YellowDog’s design team is offering this collection of 10 of our most popular graphics from 2020, adapted for phones (vertical) and desktops (horizontal).

If you love Denver, Colorado, dogs, and RBG as much as we do, you’re sure to find some great new digital decor for your phone. Enjoy!

Designs by Lauren

From our graphic designer and RBG fan Lauren Pinto, we have Ruth Bader Ginsberg quotes “When there are nine” and “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” These graphics are bestsellers as notebook covers on our YellowDog & Friends Etsy Store.

designs by Lauren

Or, unleash yourself with Lauren’s “Live like someone left the dog open” graphic, which we’ve turned into an ever-popular sticker and adopted as our unofficial motto.

Designs by Jen

From our creative director and Colorado fangirl Jen Gauerke, we have an adaptation of the “Love Your Dog” artwork by local artist Robin Faye Gates. We’ve adapted this beautiful image into a larger-than-life mural in the YellowDog entranceway.

Designs by Jen

Also from Jen are a few “Colorado Pride” images. Choose from the Iconic “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” state border sign or a freewheeling mountain highway landscape.

Designs by Morgan

From our graphic designer and go-to illustrator Morgan Heslin, we have her art-deco Mile High City graphic, which she adapted from a poster design that showcases our metallic ink capabilities (and also won a Print Excellence Award!)

designs by Morgan

Or, if you have dogs and treats on the brain, go with Morgan’s zesty yellow dog bone pattern.

Designs by Cynthia

From our marketing manager and proud Denver native Cynthia Ord, we have a street map of the Mile High City, rendered in YellowDog yellow and YellowDog teal.

designs by Cynthia


Download Wallpaper for Your Phone or Desktop

We’ve adapted each of these designs into vertical for your phone or horizontal for your full-sized computer. Each design is available for free download in high resolution in a Dropbox folder. Have fun browsing the gallery!

Lucy the Yellow Dog

Lucy the Yellow Dog

Lucy is YellowDog's (second) yellow labrador mascot. You can usually find her in the office napping and sniffing around for treats.
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