New Treat! FREE Print-At-Home Puppy Love Notes

Show the people in your life you love them – with dog puns!

Our amazing team of graphic designers recently created this four-pack of adorable love notes as a way to express loyalty and affection all year round. Think of them as big slobbery kisses, in note form. 

Download and print the four-pack for free at home, and you’ll never miss the chance to show your love is fur real. We can’t think of a more perfect way to sneak a little unexpected sweetness into your favorite person’s day.

Four Adorable Messages On Each Page

Puppy Love notes examples held by a hand.

Designed with Love by our In-House Illustrators and Designers

Our in-house graphic design pros had so much fun flexing their creativity when creating these just-for-fun love notes. Each element was carefully designed with love, down to the custom typography, textured backgrounds, and YellowDog brand colors that make them extra special to our team, and hopefully your loved ones. 

Our puppy love notes are great for: 

Video of cutting out puppy love note.
  • Lunchbox “I love you’s”
  • Briefcase “Be Mine’s”
  • Everyday valentines
  • The desk of your work bestie 
  • Any surprise spot as a simple way to say “I chews you”

Create your own personalized notes:

Step one: Download and print the PDF on your home printer

Step two: Cut the four cards apart and scribble your own message on the back of each one

Step three: Place them in fun spots for your friends and family to find!

Lucy the Yellow Dog

Lucy the Yellow Dog

Lucy is YellowDog's (second) yellow labrador mascot. You can usually find her in the office napping and sniffing around for treats.
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