The Denver business event of the season

As sponsors of this special Chamber in the City event, YellowDog helped bring 150 chamber members together at Casa Bonita.

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce sure made our tails wag with one of the hottest tickets in town earlier this month. We got to mix and mingle with Denver business leaders in the iconic, newly refreshed and re-opened Casa Bonita. The atmosphere, entertainment, treats and new connections made this an event to remember!

This iconic exterior shines after its recent update. Photo credit: Casa Bonita

How’d we score that ticket? 

YellowDog is a proud member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. As sponsors of this special Chamber in the City event, we were able to help bring 150 chamber members together in this one-of-a-kind urban wonderland. Our ears perked up as soon as we heard about the opportunity, and we’re so glad we got to participate.

What was it like?

For those of us who had never been, walking into Casa Bonita felt a lot like your first time at Disney World (Splash Mountain, to be specific, complete with animatronics, low light and the constant smell of chlorine). For those who had been before, the initial reaction was a resounding “it’s a lot cleaner than it used to be!”

The indoor waterfall grotto surrounded by palm trees and a tiki hut set the mood at Casa Bonita.

This star-spangled updated space really is something you’ve got to see for yourself. If you are local to Denver, we’d highly recommend getting yourself on that waiting list!

What’d the event entail?

Cocktails! Each guest got to enjoy a complimentary Casa Bonita cocktail, and they did not disappoint. Beyond your basic margarita – these fruity concoctions were almost too beautiful to drink. Almost.

Food! Casa Bonita served up some drool-worthy treats – empanadas, tostadas, ceviche, and, oh yes, sopaipillas!

Bart’s Hideout! We made two trips through the serpentine cave tucked away just outside the main dining room. The hidden treasure and surprise spooks were delightful. I challenge you to get all the way through without squealing and giggling.

Cliff diving! The mariachi music periodically gave way to a soundtrack straight out of Acapulco, and a dynamic duo appeared to dance and dive to everyone’s delight. Check out our Instagram reels for a sneak peek!

How’d we match the mood?

We exhibited in the grotto between the main room, gift shop and Bart’s hideout–a high-traffic corridor that was still set apart from the chaos. We loved getting to know our fellow sponsors, DocuVault, CSU Global and Aviation & Occupational Medicine (and feeling like VIPs with early set-up access). Our toned-down trade show display was perfect for the event and gave us a chance to share what we do with a group of highly engaged guests.

The YellowDog display table shows off our stickers, swag and banner giveaway.

What we brought:

Table-top sign announcing our giveaway challenge – Events are great places to make new contacts, but incentives never hurt. We offered the chance to win a free pull-up banner (design included!) for everyone who dropped their business card in our fishbowl. This was a great focal point for folks to learn the value of a well-designed, well-produced pull-up banner, and a great way for us to keep in touch with everyone we met. Congrats to our giveaway winner–Alberto Rodriguez with the Boy Scouts of America!

Sweet swag – We stocked our table with Denver-themed notecards, pens, stickers and our favorite little branded dog bone-shaped mints. Seriously – the tins are great, but inside the actual mints look like actual bones. Couldn’t be cuter.

Brand new service brochures – We were excited to share these updated brochures–a staple creative touchpoint that brings our brand offerings to life. 

Lots and lots of business cards – Listen, we came here to make friends. We came prepared with plenty of our individual business cards and contact cards for general inquiries so folks can easily stay in touch. 

A pack of YellowDoggers – Our little team–Creative Director Jen Gauerke, Account Manager Bre Benson, and Marketing Manager Katie O’Dell (that’s me!)–represented each of our main service pillars–design, print and marketing. I love any chance to hang out with this crew, but the cross-section also really matters. It’s my job to share all that’s great about YellowDog with the world, including coordinating events and sponsorships like this one. Jen’s expertise about the business, all we can do for our partners across so many different mediums and industries, and of course her unbeatable design eye are seriously invaluable. Bre, with her energy and curiosity, brings the print expertise that turns contacts into clients. 

Being able to attend this event as a team meant every single person we spoke to could get the expertise they needed.

Why did it work?

The best setup depends on the event. This scaled-back table-top display was tailored for the space and the setting. For bigger events, we go all out with a pull-up banner, branded table throw and even more examples of our favorite products to show off. Check out our blog on what makes a great event setup, or reach out to an account manager like Bre to talk about what you need for yours! 

We could think of no better setting to celebrate the Denver business community. In all its kitschy glory, the reincarnated Casa Bonita represents everything we love about this city – honoring the past, forging new paths and having a great time doing it. We can’t wait to go back!

Katie O'Dell

Katie O'Dell

Katie works on all things storytelling, brand-building and content creation as YellowDog's marketing manager.

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