20 nice things to say in a small business review

Have you ever discovered a small, local business that you just wanted to tell everyone about?

When a great atmosphere, quality customer service and a special find turns you into a lovesick puppy, don’t be afraid to bark about it! Reviews make a big difference for small businesses. Here are 20 ways your kind words can make the greatest impact for your local favs.

1. “Best print shop around.” Specify the industry to give your review authority.  

2. “Super cute decor, welcoming atmosphere and great selection!” Highlight what you love about the shop. 

3. “I got my entire team set up with great business cards!” Tell us what you got! 

4. “High-quality materials, careful craftsmanship, clean lines and great design – what more could you ask for?” Tell us why you loved it! 

5. “birdcall on Wadsworth is the best!” Include the location name. This is important when a business has multiple locations and helps discoverability on Google and Apple maps. 

6. “Tina did an amazing job with my order! She answered all of my questions and made expert suggestions (that I never would’ve considered) to bring my project to the next level.” Tell us who helped you! If an employee went above and beyond to make your experience great, they deserve the recognition. It’ll validate their good work and adds a personal touch that will be of interest to potential customers. 

7. “Great to find a local, woman-owned, sustainable option!” Name your values. Is it important to you to patronize minority-owned businesses? Are you looking for fair-trade, hand-made or locally sourced goods? Other people are probably looking for these things, too. Let the business owner know you appreciate their approach and help like-minded shoppers vote with their dollars.

8. “The space is really easy to navigate with room for wheelchairs, ramps at the entrances and plenty of places to sit and rest.” Talk about access. Are there stairs or narrow doors that might make this a difficult spot for someone using a mobility device? On the flip side, is there a ramp and handicap-accessible entry? These are things patrons can’t always tell from a simple business listing, and can make the difference in their decision to give this spot a try. 

9. “Easy parking!” We love to know if there’s a parking lot or if they validate, especially in the middle of a city. 

10. “Not too loud, not too cold.” Knowing you can sit comfortably and have a natural conversation is HUGE, especially for cafes and restaurants. Quiet eateries don’t get enough credit. 

11. “I love getting to see the dogs when I come to pick up my order!” Other dog lovers want to know. 

12. “I wasn’t sure I was in the right place at first because there was construction going on next door. I’m so glad I didn’t give up! The experience once I got there was so worth it.” If there was something that almost stopped you from finding this great local business, it might stop others. Let people know what could dissuade them and why they shouldn’t let it.

13. “I learned so much about printing!” It’s not just about the stuff—share how a business enriched your life. 

14. “Sally immediately made me feel comfortable and confident.” Celebrate the intangible customer service. Especially in contexts like personal care services or fitness training, it’s nice to know you’re in good hands. 

15. “I didn’t know where to start. John explained the whole process and held my hand every step of the way to create an awesome final product.” A great local business is a great partner. Their value goes well beyond the products they sell. Highlight the professionals who are experts in their field and who excel as collaborators. 

16. “I’ve tried every printer in town and plenty that are only online. This is the best quality, best price and best customer service I’ve found. They’ve earned my business as a loyal customer!” Let us know what makes this place different. People combing reviews are probably doing some comparison shopping. If you’ve done that work already, share what you’ve learned. 

17. “I only trust Ziggy & Friends to watch my dog and cat while I’m out of town. Best pet-sitting and dog-walking around!” Use keywords to help others searching for the same thing. Think about what you might search if you wanted to find this exact business, and make sure to include those terms in your review. 

18. “So many great vegan options, clearly marked on the menu! Be sure to try the dumplings!” This one’s selfish. As someone who spends a lot of time on menu research, I love to see specifics on dietary restrictions in reviews. And I want to see restaurants doing this stuff well get their flowers. Whatever the specific thing may be that you look for in a business—share it when you find it!

19. “Coming into YellowDog always brightens my day! I love being able to connect with a real human and get such consistent quality.” The little things make a big difference. Get personal and share what it is that makes your tail wag about this business. 

20. “They’ve always got fun treats!” Because everyone loves a treat.

Did you notice a theme? Be specific, use the business name, and work in keywords to help others find services you love.

If you love what we do, we would LOVE it if you’d leave us a review.

Katie O'Dell

Katie O'Dell

Katie works on all things storytelling, brand-building and content creation as YellowDog's marketing manager.

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