10 Local Greeting Card Creators We Love to Support

Break the cycle of boring cards and let one of our favorite Colorado-based creatives help you send your message.

Bored with the same old supermarket greeting cards? Sick of seeing the jokes about “plumber’s butt” or being “over the hill”, and feeling like those overly sentimental poems just aren’t sending your message? Should we even mention ALL THE GLITTER??

We’re bored with the status quo too. Luckily, at YellowDog we know there are better options! Every day we see creative, inspiring and genuinely hilarious greeting cards come through our shop. So we are highlighting ten of our favorite greeting card makers so you won’t be stuck between the surprised pug or the, sigh, Maxine comic ever again. 

The best part, you might ask? Every one of these greeting card creators has a local, Colorado connection and prints their cards locally here at YellowDog. In fact, the last three are part of our very own YellowDog pack! Sniff sniff, we’re just so proud. 

funny greeting cards
Mountains vs Plains logo

Mountain vs Plains

Paul Michel, Owner & Illustrator
Sometimes you want a card to be touching and beautiful, your love and adoration expressed so eloquently, in prose so refined it would make Shakespeare blush. And other times you want a card so funny and weird it makes you choke on your kombucha and (affectionately) slap a goat. If you can’t tell, these are that second kind of card.
Learn More:
Shop the whole collection of cards, art prints, and mugs at Mountain vs Plains, and visit his Instagram for more hilarity than you can reasonably handle. 

greeting card with envelope
Monkey Mind Design logo

Monkey Mind Design

Anita Ashfield-Salter, Owner & Illustrator 

Meet Anita. She describes her cards as, “positive, fun, and inspiring”, and we couldn’t agree more! Add beautiful, whimsical, and retro-yet-timeless to that description and you’ll just scratch the surface of what makes her designs so stunning. Monkey Mind Design has a vast collection of greetings for every occasion, including the cutest feliz cumpleaños card out there.
Learn More:
You can shop Monkey Mind Design on Etsy, and you’ll definitely want to follow her Instagram account, where you can find even more gorgeous illustrations and patterns.

seeds of gratitude watercolor illustration greeting cards

Seeds of Gratitude

Maya Boniek, Founder and Artist

A little gratitude is sure to brighten anyone’s day, and when paired with one of these beautiful, watercolor designs from Seeds of Gratitude you may see that gratitude blossom into joy right before your eyes. Botanically-inspired and folksy, these cards are available either as prints or hand-painted for a personal touch. 
Learn More:
Head on over to the Seeds of Gratitude Etsy Shop for cards, prints, and original paintings, or Redbubble to imagine some of Maya’s patterns on stationery, blankets, and other fun accessories.

Age Friendly vibes greeting cards

Age-Friendly Vibes

Jan Golden, Owner and Designer

While greeting card shelves are often full of negative messages about aging, Age Friendly Vibes is offering a refreshing embrace of those “dreaded” years past the age of 29. Beginning with a partnership with Changing the Narrative, a Colorado organization fighting ageism in both our institutions and our own minds, Jan Golden continues to create positive and fun greeting cards that reassure us that we can, in fact, celebrate and appreciate the joy of aging. 
Learn More:
Shop the entire collection of cards, prints, and stickers at Age Friendly Vibes, and be sure to visit her blog to learn more about how “jokes about getting old are getting old”. 

polite tumor greeting card

Polite Tumor

Elissa, Founder   
A breast cancer diagnosis, a blog, a deep appreciation for those by her side, and an enduring sense of humor led Elissa to found Polite Tumor, a Colorado non-profit that offers financial assistance to those under 40 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The organization’s cards expertly express what traditional sympathy cards often miss, a refreshing reminder to live on our own terms, heal on our own terms, and that yes, it’s still ok to laugh. 

Learn More:
Visit The Polite Tumor to learn more about Elissa and shop their collection of cards. Also follow their Instagram to stay up-to-date on events, including their annual Night of Humor.  

Tell It Well greeting cards

Tell It Well

Amy K. Wright, Owner and Photographer  
A professional photographer for over 18 years, Amy has adapted some of her most exciting and colorful images into unique, eye-catching and modern greeting cards that stand out from the crowd. Each card is printed on paper that is eco-friendly and certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. In addition, 10 cents from every card purchase supports women in poverty worldwide by helping them start their own businesses through micro-loans from the Whole Planet Foundation
Learn More:
Shop for cards at Tell It Well Cards, or see more of Amy’s expert photography on her Instagram. Her cards are also available at 22 Whole Foods Market stores in Colorado and Utah, as well as a number of other stores in Denver and beyond.

upbeat thank you card with bright colors and abstracted flower shapes


Lexis Krieg, Owner and Artist

These colorful, playful, and inspiring cards from Lexisworks are more than sunshine on a rainy day; they’re also an appreciation for the beauty of rain and what can grow after the storm. Through the years Lexis has created beautiful cards and prints with watercolor, mixed media, and collage, and recently she has focused on sharing her guidance and creative gift through classes designed to help us discover our own color and joy. 
Learn More:
Her newly redesigned website at Lexisworks Art launches Summer 2023, but in the meantime be sure to stay up-to-date and inspired by following her Instagram. 

greeting cards featuring quirky animal artwork

BirdHead Creations

Sara-Lou Klein, Owner and Artist

What is there to say about our very own Sara-Lou that we haven’t already said? Her unique artistic style is whimsical, playful, and sweetly nostalgic for a time we’ve yet to experience. True to the name BirdHead Creations, the wise (and sometimes mischievous) owl makes frequent appearances in her work, along with a darling group of animal friends who make these cards perfect for any occasion. Psst – she’s also an expert on productizing art into prints.
Learn More:
Visit her BirdHead Creations Etsy shop to see cards, stationery, the cutest little baby hats you’ve ever seen, and all kinds of other creative gifts. You can often spot her exhibiting at EDGE Gallery in Lakewood, CO, and running the front desk here at YellowDog! 

greeting card that says "some people just need a high-five. in the face. with a chair" with a yellow envelope

SmartAss Designs

Kristen Bowlin, Owner and Designer
Kristen, Kristen, Kristen. If Kristen were a condiment, she’d be one of those hot sauces you can only get from behind the counter, and it would come with a waiver. If her greeting cards were a friend, they would be that friend who (thankfully) brings a flask to your kid’s birthday party and still somehow befriends your mother. (The author is speaking from experience.)    
Learn More:
See for yourself at SmartAss Designs on Etsy, and follow her Instagram for corroborating evidence. Also visit Denver’s MaxMarket to pick some up in-person.

greeting card that says "things have been weird without you" featuring an old scientific illustration of an ape with googly eyes

Shut Up Telescope

Through the power of googly eyes and awkward one-liners, these cards from Shut Up Telescope reimagine strange old natural history illustrations as something, somehow, even stranger. When you’re looking for the perfect way to tell a friend, “You’re weird, just like me, and I like that”, give these silly cards a try.
Learn More:
Visit ShutUpTelescope on Etsy for cards, magnets, and stickers, or follow her Instagram account for more than a few strategically-placed googly eyes. Also visit LollyGag Antiques & Boutique in Littleton, CO to shop in-person.  

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Christine Mealy

Christine Mealy

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