The YellowDog Gift Giving Guide 2020

Uplifting print gifts, fresh from our YellowDog & Friends Etsy store

The giving season is here — just in time to check out our new Etsy store, our “pandemic pet project” and labor of love.

YellowDog & Friends is a space where the YellowDog Team can unleash our personal creative energy on printed products our neighbors near and far will treasure.

YellowDog Etsy

Our shop features the wit, artistry, and stylings of our in-house design and strategic teams, as well as local Denver artists who work closely with us for print fulfillment. We hope you find an uplifting, freshly-printed gift item for your own friends, family, and neighbors this season. Spread joy!

RBG Print Quotes

RBG Quote Prints

Ready to Frame
From $12
A tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, these three quotes are designed to help her legacy live on. Perfect for justice-minded women everywhere.


succulents calendar

Succulents Calendar 2021

Enjoy the calming effect of succulent plants, month after month. Perfect for anyone in your life who deserves to gaze at gorgeous plant life.


urban photograhy

Sleek Urban Photography Giclée Print

Classy and timeless. Give your space a gallery feel with New York and Chicago photography by Dan Mulligan. Choose from NYC’s Radio City Music Hall or Atlas sculpture, or Chicago’s iconic Chicago Theater.


Words to Live By Prints

Ready to Frame
From $7.95
Here’s a pop of positivity and color for you. It’s both a simple message and a heroic to-do list with the promise of good things to come.


denver map art - iconic parks

Iconic Parks of Denver Map Art

Ready to Frame
From $12
Visit Denver’s most iconic parks through map imagery. For any Denverite who has a fondness for City Park, Washington Park, Cheesman (or all three!), present this modern decor.


Kamala Harris Quote Cards

Kamala Harris Quote Prints

Ready to Frame
From $12
Due to the popular demand for our RBG quote prints, we created these Kamala Harris cards as the next addition to our “words from notable women” series. More soon!


Mountains of Gratitude Journal

Mountains of Gratitude Journal

8.5” by 5.5”
From $14.95
This Colorado-inspired 50-page journal will help you make mountains out of gratitude molehills. Choose between four bold cover colors and four kinds of pages inside.


Notorious RBJ Journal

8.5” by 5.5”
From $14.95
That iconic collar. Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s detailed accessory has come to stand for so much to so many. Now it can stand as a reminder to bring thoughts and ideas to life in a journal.


Justice Notebook

Justice Notebook

8.5” by 5.5”
From $14.95
Adapted from the popular yard sign credo, this vivid notebook is a little reminder of what matters most (and a space to jot down any thoughts while you’re at it!)


Camp Journal

Record your outdoor adventures for years to come in a lively camp journal. Families will feel more at home outdoors as they remember the day together around the campfire.


to-do list

My Never Ending Shit List notepad

A snarky notepad for that someone whose to-do list is a lesson in organized chaos. Whether the list goes on and on or not, this notepad will help to-doers cross things off with a smile.


be kind bumper sticker

Be Kind bumper sticker

A bipartisan message we all need to hear right now. It’s been a contentious year, and kindness is the way to put it all behind us. The perfect gift for any reconciler.


abe lincoln yard sign

Abraham Lincoln “We must not be enemies” yard sign

From $15
“We are not enemies but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.”


modern art series

Modern Art Series, Set of Three

Ready to Frame
From $35
This series of three modern art prints add an updated pop of color to any room and invites abstract musings about shape and form.


Lucy the Yellow Dog

Lucy the Yellow Dog

Lucy is YellowDog's (second) yellow labrador mascot. You can usually find her in the office napping and sniffing around for treats.
Better business cards, designed and printed by YellowDog
Matt Hunter

Better Business Cards

Why waste money on a piece of paper that’s bound for someone’s trash can? Short answer: don’t.  Who needs business cards in a digital world?

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