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Tales from the Bark

Tales from the Bark
January 22, 2018 YD SiteAdmin

A year of tips and tricks from this old dog. Turns out you can learn a few new things.

When my husband, Dan, proposed the idea starting a printing company with me 13 years ago I thought he was joking.  “Don’t you even know me, I said? I’m a software sales person for God’s sake, I don’t know a thing about printing”.  Well, he wasn’t joking.  Dead serious in fact.  He had worked along side another printing company years back when he was developing websites and some software that worked for printers, so he wasn’t exactly coming up with this from nowhere.  I, however, was not about to take this idea and run with it before I made him jump through quite a few hoops (can you say Powerpoint, spreadsheets, business case study, SWOT analysis…you get the point), but long story short, we went for it!

I’m happy to say that his predictions and planning were all worth it.  Of course, we have not always followed the plan and we have had our fair share of setbacks and “differences of opinion” along the way.  Working with your spouse can be challenging but I can honestly say that after 13 years our relationship is stronger then ever.  As my Mom always says, “you don’t know good times unless you have had some bad times” and that is so true.  Going through all this together, good times and the bad, makes me so grateful to have a life partner that I can count on.  I like to tease Dan and say I’m in “printing by marriage” but in reality, I love what we do, our employees are like family and our customers are amazing.  Yes, this was his big idea but don’t most of us end up doing things that were someone else’s idea?  The best part is we are doing it together and enjoying our life together with our two fabulous kids.  I wonder if they will be in “printing by birth” but that story is still yet to unfold.

As I mentioned, 13 years ago I knew absolutely nothing about the printing industry.  Turns out most people don’t.  I think this puts me in the unique position to relate to our customers as well as help our employees get up to speed quickly on the things that matter to our clients.   Sure, we work with lots of amazingly talented designers who know exactly how to set up their files and send them error free every time.  For that we are so grateful.  But, I’m talking about everyone else.

My 2018 goal is to finally come up with the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way and hopefully explain them to you, our customers and future customers in a way that makes sense to regular person. I hear this is called blogging.  I hope I can help take the intimidation out of working with a professional printing company and you won’t have to wait 13 years to get there.

For the next 12 months I would like to focus on one topic at a time, helping you navigate the printing process and hopefully creating the best product for you.  I will be pulling upon thousands of stories I’ve seen and heard over the years in order to hopefully make your life easier.

For example, while getting married and creating your wedding invitations is new to you, we’ve dealt with thousands of brides over the years and are more than happy to share the stories of what works what doesn’t work to help you destress through this process. Same thing goes for the entrepreneur.  Yes, your business idea is amazing but getting it off the ground and promoting it could seem overwhelming. We’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses and given them their first marketing pieces while still making it affordable because we all know having an idea and paying for it are two different things. We’ve also worked with corporate executives, students, event planners, franchise organizations, nonprofits, the budding cannabis industry (see what I did there), advertising agencies and more.  I’m hoping that by sharing these stories of triumph and fail, you will come to view myself, and YellowDog Printing as a trusted advisor.  Oh, and I also don’t take life too seriously so hopefully you’ll be laughing along the way.

I mentioned before our amazing staff.  These kids (yes, they know I call them that) are all uniquely talented.  For example, Morgan is an illustrator and she is helping with the graphics.  That’s Lucy, she will be making appearances in these blogs throughout the year too.  Isn’t she cute?

Here are just some of the topics I will be covering over the next year.

  • To bleed or not to bleed.  Is that even a question?
  • Going to the chapel and, man, getting married is expensive!  How to create a DIY wedding that doesn’t break the bank.
  • School’s not quite out for summer.  How to make your life easier by understanding what you can print before you design that graduation portfolio.
  • I art, therefor I am.  Ways to monetize your artsy fartsy side.
  • Canva, your killing me!  A printer’s love affair, betrayal and forgiveness.
  • My first tradeshow.  How to look like you been working it for years.
  • Do you mind doing this while I wait?  Understanding the process of printing and planning appropriately.

Please join me and opt-in to my blog, like this post and share. These and other information can also be found on our website,  I am also busy creating my own website, PrintingByMarriage, where I will talk about printing, marriage, family and other topics as I get my arms around this social medial world.  Luckily I work with lots of young people so they are helping me keep it real, for reals, you know what I mean.

Stay tuned….


Tales from the Bark

Tales from the Bark

To bleed or not to bleed. Is that even a question?

To bleed or not to bleed. Is that even a question?