Custom Branded Envelopes

Dress your documents in a distinctive on-brand envelope

Custom Branded Envelopes

Dress your documents in a distinctive on-brand envelope

A full suite of branded business print material isn’t complete without envelopes. No matter what class mail you’re using to send your letter, a branded envelope will deliver on high classiness. Choose from standard envelope sizes and papers, or take it to the next level with specialty paper or a distinctive shape.

Custom envelopes the YellowDog way
  • Work with the support staff to match your envelopes to your business cards and letterheads
  • Our in-house design team can make sure your envelope’s logo and branding is at its sharpest
  • Looking for something really unique? We can customize a nonstandard envelope size and shape
  • We’ll keep your envelope and all print material on file for easy reordering


  • What are the standard sizes of envelopes?
    Similar to standard paper sizes, there is usually a matching envelope size. Each of A2 , A6 , A7, A9 etc paper size will have an envelope with the same name.
  • Can you choose the paper quality of the envelope?
    Most of our standard paper stocks will have matching stock for envelopes.
  • What if I have a specific envelope I want that you guys do not source?
    Sometimes we cannot get a hold of the envelope that you are looking for from our wholesaler. If you are able to find the exact product you are looking for elsewhere ( / Amazon) feel free to purchase them and deliver them to our shop. We can print on the materials you source!
  • What if I want a custom envelope that does not exist?
    If you cannot find the envelope you are looking for, there are options to create your own. You can have a custom die made for the shape of your envelopes.
  • Where can I download the templates needed for my project?

    Templates for all of our products can be found on our downloads page.

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