Door Hangers: Printing & Design

Sow the seeds of your big idea with door hangers

Door Hangers: Printing & Design

Sow the seeds of your big idea with door hangers

Door hangers are a cost-effective way to share your message with your neighborhood or community. Almost guaranteed to be seen, our heavyweight hangers are perfect for hotels, restaurants, political campaigners, grassroots organizers, and service companies looking to get their message in the hands of customers.

Door hangers, the YellowDog way
  • Use our downloadable templates to guide your own design process, or talk to our design team to bring your door hangers to life
  • We’ve got the whole process covered, from design to layout to printing and finishing. (Then it’s up to you to pound the pavement with your door hangers.)
  • Our support team will watch over your door hanger order and get your approval on a mockup before anything is printed


  • Do you offer custom door hangers?
    We definitely do!
  • What is a standard size for door hangers?
    A typical size for door hangers is going to be approximately 4.25” x 11”.
  • Do you provide the cutting of the door hanger?
    We do! There is an additional charge to have the holes custom cut into the hangers, and that charge is mostly dependent on quantity. Please check with your account manager for pricing regarding that.
  • Is there anything I should know when designing my door hanger?
    Please keep in mind that you will need to leave space at the top of the hanger to allow for the hole cutting. Typically, we ask for at least 3” at the top of the card, so avoid having any text or pictures in that area.
  • What type of paper would you recommend for door hangers?
    We typically recommend sticking with a thicker card stock for door hanger, usually 100# Cover or heavier. When it comes to matte vs gloss, either works great!

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YellowDog experience

The YellowDog experience

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Real-world prices

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We’re local

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