Custom Swag & Promotional Products

Your brand, in your target customer’s purse or pocket

Custom Swag & Promotional Products

Your brand, in your target customer’s purse or pocket

Formally known as promotional products, some call it swag (or schwag), and others call it tchotchkes. By any name, branded swag done right can make you the belle of the ball at any conference or event. They also have staying power. The right branded swag will keep you at the fingertips and tops of mind of your most valued customers and prospects.

Custom branded swag the YellowDog way
  • Consult with our support team to explore what’s trending in the wide world of swag
  • Bundle your swag with matching display items, folders, stickers, and brochures
  • Build your entire trade show suite with YellowDog one-stop-shopping
  • Design your own graphics, or work with our creative team for a stunning visual effect
  • Reorder any time! YellowDog will keep your customized order on file for easy topping off


  • What types of branded swag do you offer?

    These days, custom swag (promotional products) is really limitless. The promotional product catalog is about 3” thick so we have found it super helpful to narrow down the choices to some of the best sellers. From pens to pop-sockets to polos, we can help.

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  • Are there minimum orders?
    Yes. Will almost all custom swag there will be minimum orders and set up fees. Generally speaking 100 - 250 unitminimums are common. Some items, like messenger bags, may be as low as 25. That said, if you only need 1 or 2 t-shirts, a few hats, etc, online stores like Zazzle and CafePress are good options.
  • What type of file do you need for branded swag?
    Most promotional products required an .EPS, high res vector file. If you don’t have one, check in with one of our account managers and they can look at your file and see if it is possible to convert to the .EPS.
  • It doesn’t sound like you do branded swag printing in house.
    That is correct. YellowDog has the capabilities to print on paper, vinyl, mesh, canvas, etc. In short, “flat stuff”. There are hundreds of printers nationwide that print on promotional products so we have leveraged our relationship with that network to bring you one-stop ordering. We will quote you retail pricing and essentially they sell to us at a mar down. We’ll do all the work coordinating the artwork, getting proofs, logistics, etc. So for some, having YellowDog take care of your entire project is a lot less work than coordinating with multiple vendors.
  • Where do I even start?

    Working with an account manager at YellowDog is the best place to start. They will be able to take your theme, budget, and turnaround times into account and help narrow down products. If you don’t know where to start, ask for a list of the bestsellers. Popsockets may be a thing but you need to know your audience. Maybe a custom mug or golf towel is more in line. We can show you what is trending.

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  • Is shipping extra?

    Because the promotional product printers are all over the U.S., yes, there will be a shipping fee from there location to you and/or YellowDog. If you have enough time and don’t have to pay expedited shipping that cost is manageable. When it comes to overnighting 150 pint glasses, well that is a different story all together. Bottom line: plan ahead!

  • What is the turnaround time?

    Once we have narrowed down what you want, get you the quote and place the order, having 3 weeks for a turnaround time would be ideal. If you are still looking for suggestions and need to get a budget approved, planning for 4 weeks is probably best. We can go faster, it just depends on what you are interested in and if your artwork is ready to go.

  • How much does swag cost?

    Again, every product and price point varies so the best bet is to figure out how many pieces you want to give away (ie: if the trade show has 500 registered attendees or you have 100 employees), use those numbers and your budget to back into a price point that is workable for you. We can suggest products in the price range instead of suggesting products and realizing that they are way over budget or you can only give out a fraction of the amount at your event.

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  • Need inspiration?

    If you really want to browse the 1000’s of options available, feel free to check out Rabbit hole warning: you could be there for hours. Let us help you navigate and save you time and recommend the right swag for you.

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