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Schools & Nonprofits | Build a Community

Schools and Nonprofits

At YellowDog Printing and Graphics, we know schools and nonprofits. It’s sort of a chicken and egg thing. Is it our family and community oriented staff that drew us to them? Or is that what draws them to us?  Either way, we have passion for what schools and non-profits do and a compassion for what they need.

We love Colorado non-profits!
Did you know?
We give an ongoing 15% to every 501(c)3. 

Administrators and Executive Directors look to YellowDog when they are:

  • Tired of the same old way of fundraising and need a partner to help brainstorm ideas
  • Under pressure to eliminate any unnecessary spending
  • Tasked to improve or polish their brand and want the most bang for their buck
Respect Academy

Respect Academy door graphics and banners