Our Favorite Art and Design Shows to Stream Right Now

YellowDog’s team of designers and creatives shares what inspo we’re binging at home

If 2020 has been good for something, it’s catching up on binge-worthy shows at home. With all the streaming services competing in an all-out war for our attention, pretty much everyone can find something fascinating to stream for hours (or even days?) on end.

The team at YellowDog is made up of designers and creative types. So it figures that some of our favorite shows are art- and design-themed. Here’s what we’re watching to tickle our imaginations and inspire great design.


44 Pages

2018 full-length documentary, available on Amazon Prime

Jen Gaurke

This documentary is a look at Highlights Magazine on it’s 70th anniversary. It investigates the popularity of the children’s magazine – and it’s sustainability without ever selling a single ad. The part that I found so interesting was how the team created a product that was timeless and has entertained and educated children over so many decades.
Get ready for a huge trip down memory lane!
– Jen, Creative Director


Abstract: The Art of Design

2017 14-episode docu-series, available on Netflix

Lauren PintoEach episode is focused on a different area of design expertise, spotlighting a day in the life of a well-known designer in that field. My particular favorites were Footwear, Automotive, and Design for Play. With my background in packaging and toys, I’m always especially drawn to the tactile design of physical objects I can hold in my hands because they not only have great aesthetic appeal but also serve a function.
– Lauren, Graphic Designer


The Social Dilemma

2020 Full-length docu-drama, available on Netflix

Cynthia OrdThis film digs deep into the dark side of social media platform design. As a marketer, I already knew a lot about the highly-profitable algorithms at play, and how they exploit weaknesses and addictive tendencies in the human brain. But it was still very compelling to see it presented by tech insiders themselves, mostly designers-turned-whistleblowers. One major action item for me was to stop reaching for my phone first thing in the morning. I now charge it in the living room overnight.
– Cynthia, Marketing Manager



2017 full-length documentary, available on HBO

Meredith Milburn

I love movies. I love getting lost in adventure and storytelling. This is what Steven Spielberg does best — he transforms your living room into an unforgettable story. Some of my favorite films like Jurassic Park, Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark are directed by Spielberg, and watching this documentary only intensified my admiration for Spielberg’s craft. If you are also a movie lover, I highly recommend checking out this documentary to go behind-the-scenes with footage of his milestone films.
– Meredith Milburn, Organizational Development & HR Manager


Naoki Urasawa’s Manben Neo

2020 8-episode docu-series, available on Dailymotion

Amber Stocker

I’d suggest Naoki Urasawa’s Manben show for art people. He’s a manga/comic artist in Japan. In Manben Neo, he interviews and films other manga artists working on their craft. There’s a lot of neat art philosophy and perspective discussed if you’re into that. Also, if you like comics or art, it’s really nice to watch. Bonus pick: the Hayao Miyazaki documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness follows old grump Miya around as he struggles through the creative process of movies, politics, changing art culture, etc.
– Amber Stocker, Print Production Specialist


Ink Master

2012-2020 15-season Reality TV Series, streaming on Netflix (season 1-2) and Amazon Prime

Michaela MurrayRecently I’ve gotten into Ink Master and Ink Master Angels. The show is about a tattoo competition. It has inspired me with the beautiful artistry they do on people as a canvas. Also, who doesn’t like a good ol’ competition with high stakes and such?!
The detail and colors used on most tattoos in the show are out of this world! It has definitely inspired me to get back into my own drawing and free-hand work.
– Mikki Murray, Administrative Assistant



YouTube Channel


I don’t really like to binge-watch TV. But I do like to binge-nap — unless I have DOGTV to watch! This YouTube Channel is just for us dogs. The design challenge here was to create something that stimulates our unique senses of hearing and vision. So the colors and sounds might seem a little “off” to you humans. But for me, this is the most interesting thing those glowing screen things have to offer.
– Lucy, YellowDog Mascot and Greeter


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Lucy the Yellow Dog

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