Honest Search Marketing (SEO and SEM)

Search works. Get found with SEO and SEM strategy.

Honest Search Marketing (SEO and SEM)

Search works. Get found with SEO and SEM strategy.

You are exactly what your market is looking for. But can they find you when searching? How are they searching for your services and products? How do you rank in search results? Would it be easier to pay your way to the top? There are no quick tricks or easy answers when it comes to search marketing. We’ll do research, strategize, and help you move on up.

Search marketing, the YellowDog way
  • Research and design of a dynamic search marketing strategy
  • Report on status and progress against competitors
  • Use on-page tactics to make your website built-to-rank
  • Use off-page tactics to signal authority across the web
  • Extend the strategy to your local Google My Business listing


  • What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?
    SEO (search engine optimization) is about ranking in search results organically — through merit — by signaling authority to Google and other search engines. SEM (search engine marketing) is about auction-style buying of top positions in search results through platforms like Google Ads.
  • Can YellowDog guarantee SEO and SEM campaign results?

    Positive returns on search marketing campaigns can never be guaranteed. Because search platforms use top-secret proprietary algorithms to determine the rank of search results, and because these platforms are heavily monetized with increasingly competitive ad buy-in, results are always subject to changes in algorithms and competitor conquesting.
    However, you can’t win a contest unless you engage, strategize, and in some cases, pay to play. We’re here to help navigate the search landscape of your industry and offering, and propose a gameplan to maximize your returns.

  • How is YellowDog different from other search marketing agencies?
    YellowDog will always be transparent about pricing, strategy, and expected returns. Beyond monitoring and reporting, we’ll make technical adjustments and build content to gain results for targeted search phrases. We use advanced analytics software for deep research and agency-level strategy that moves and adapts to your brand and its ecosystem. We do all this without the opaqueness or condescension of other agencies. We can also run search campaigns in conjunction with other channels — from digital to print — for best results.
  • Can YellowDog develop a new, SEO-friendly website?
    Yes! Check out our web design and development department. When planning your website, we’ll make it built-to-rank with close attention to the page’s load speed, sitemap and architecture, crawlability, and metadata. We’ll also be careful to maintain any search authority and traction your incumbent site has already gained. Your new site will be search-ready with strong foundations for ongoing search marketing investment.
  • What about localization? Can YellowDog optimize my Google Business Listing?
    Yes! Localization and GMB (Google My Business) search marketing is a specialty of ours. We are a local business, we serve local businesses, and we understand the importance of ranking for location-related searches. Let’s plan your localization strategy today.

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YellowDog experience

The YellowDog experience

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Real-world prices

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We’re local

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