Content Marketing and Strategy

Roadmap and Implement an Unstoppable Content Strategy

Content Marketing and Strategy

Roadmap and Implement an Unstoppable Content Strategy

What is content strategy? It’s the art of creating high-value content assets, combined with the science of using a variety of partners and channels to drive measurable exposure, engagement, and conversion. We’ll research, strategize, and implement a content marketing program for businesses and organizations of any size.

Content Marketing, the YellowDog way
  • Data-driven approach to identify audiences and topic opportunities
  • Content outreach strategy will earn thought leadership over time
  • Develop multimedia content assets to drive your social and email campaigns
  • Optimize content for ongoing visibility across search and social media
  • Transition your approach from ‘hard seller’ to ‘trusted expert’


  • Is content marketing the same as social media marketing?
    Social media marketing is part of content marketing, but not all of it. In your comprehensive content marketing strategy, we’ll also look at long-form blog content development for your website as well as on targeted third party websites. We’ll map out all possible channels for your high-value content assets (written, visual, and video) to maximize their reach.
  • Can YellowDog implement a content marketing strategy?

    Yes. Our first tier of deliverables is a research report and a strategic content marketing plan for your business, complete with a calendar, templates, and action items for your own marketing team.
    However, if you’d like a turnkey, hands-off content marketing solution, we’d be happy to implement the plan and report on progress.

  • Why is content marketing important?

    Although content marketing is an ongoing investment in high-value branded assets, it pays off more and more over time. Ultimately, the goal is to reach your audience on your owned and earned platforms, rather than paying more and more for Google and Facebook ads.

  • Is content marketing right for my business?

    If your business is getting positive, sustained results from paid advertising on major online platforms like Google and Facebook, then content marketing may not be a necessary part of your marketing mix. 

    However, if you’re hoping to decrease your dependence on expensive paid advertising and grow your own audience more organically, then content marketing is key. Businesses of every size and budget can benefit from strategic content marketing campaigns.

  • How do you measure content marketing effectiveness and success?
    During the onboarding process, we’ll go over each content marketing campaign’s specific key performance indicators. Usually, we’ll find a metric to measure overall reach/exposure, engagement with the content, new leads generated, and finally how well the content converts leads into sales.
  • How does YellowDog compare to other content marketing agencies?

    YellowDog delivers sky-high agency-level marketing services at real-world prices. Like specialized marketing agencies, our team of professional marketers and creatives will give you a sharp advantage over your competitors. Unlike other marketing agencies, we’re approachable, loyal, and caring toward every client regardless of their size or budget. That’s why nonprofits and local businesses love us. We’re a local one-stop shop for all your print, design, and marketing needs. We’ve got you covered!

Why work with YellowDog?

YellowDog experience

The YellowDog experience

Our team will hold your hand through the process in our dogged pursuit of getting it right.

Real-world pricing

Real-world prices

We deliver sky-high agency-level service to fit your real-world budget. Small businesses and nonprofits love us.

We’re Local

We’re local

Choose a local Denver business with real people behind the website. Yes, we do delivery and rush orders.

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