Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Looking for a sign? We’ve got your outdoor signage needs covered

Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Looking for a sign? We’ve got your outdoor signage needs covered

Every storefront and office space needs an effective, attractive outdoor sign. Whether you’re looking for a permanent fixture that will withstand the elements for years to come, or more temporary outdoor signage to advertise your current campaign, we can help.

Outdoor business signs, the YellowDog way
  • We know our signs. Our support team will go over the options for outdoor signs and match you with the best one.
  • Choose from a monument sign, a freestanding changeable sign, a mounted sign, cut vinyl lettering, and more.
  • We’ll conduct a site visit to make sure your signage proposal is accurate and compliant with your location’s requirements.
  • Work with our design team for a visually stunning outdoor business sign design.
  • Work with our production and installation team to make sure it looks on-point out in the world.


  • What type of outdoor signs do you offer?

    Generally speaking, outdoor signs fall into 3 categories:

    1. Monument or free standing fixed signs
    2. Free standing changeable signs
    3. Mounted signs
  • What’s a monument sign?

    Monument signs are basically a self contained, often very large custom sign. Here are some examples:

    Oak Creek Monument Sign example New Braunfells monument sign example
    If you are interested in this type of sign you will need to work with a sign fabricator and usually your architect or construction team can help. YellowDog does not create monument signs but ask your account manager for a referral.

  • What is a freestanding changeable sign?

    Free standing changeable signs look like a monument sign but they have individual “slide outs” that can be changed as tenants move in and out of the space. Here are some examples:
    Founders Plaza Freestanding sign example YD Freestanding sign example 2

    Those individual cells are able to slide out and a replacement slides in. Usually that material is a lexan or sign grade aluminum that we can produce at YellowDog. Some signs are “back lit” and we have that material as will. It is a special material that allows the light of the sign to show through. Our only exception from being able to help is if the “slide out” piece is greater than 4’ x 10’.

    Here is an example of a backlit version:

    Alchemy Salon Freestanding Backlit sign

  • What is a mounted sign?

    Mounted signs can range anywhere from a simple vinyl banner, to cut vinyl lettering to aluminium.. Here are examples of those:


    Aluminum sign:

    Cornerstone Mounted aluminum sign example

    Hanging vinyl banner:

    Yellowdog hanging vinyl banner example

    Cut Vinyl Lettering:

    Yellowdog cut vinyl lettering example

  • How do I choose which sign is best for me?
    Many landlords have very specific rules about signage. You should consult with them on what is allowed to help narrow down your choices. Other considerations include budget, access, whether it will be temporary or permanent, and turnaround time.
  • What does access mean?
    While YellowDog does the printing, outdoor signs often require a specialized installer. Many sign installs require a bucket truck to reach the desired area. If there are bushes or uneven surfaces near the building they may not be able to safely access the building. It may be necessary for the installer to conduct a site visit before the sign is created so they can ensure safe access.
  • What is the most affordable outdoor sign?
    A vinyl banner is the most affordable option for a sign but you will need to factor in the installation cost. Again, we recommend a site visit to get an accurate estimate.
  • Do banners fade?
    Yes, an outdoor banner will fade over time. However, YellowDog uses a solvent based ink and can apply an UV coating to the banner for extra protection from the elements. You should expect a 2-4 year lifespan on banners, depending on the sun and wind exposure.
  • Where can I download the templates needed for my project?

    Templates for all of our products can be found on our downloads page.

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