Custom Mesh Banners: Printing & Design

Go with mesh banners when your outdoor spot gets windy

Custom Mesh Banners: Printing & Design

Go with mesh banners when your outdoor spot gets windy

If you’re looking for a banner that acts as a sign rather than a sail, mesh banners are the way to go. This style of banner mounts easily onto chainlink fences and construction job site fences. It has enough micro-perforation to allow wind to pass through rather than resist.

Mesh banners, the YellowDog way
  • Standard and customized mesh banner sizes available
  • Account manager will guide the design and production process
  • Provide your own graphics file or work with our design team
  • Choose from a variety of mesh banner edges and finishes
  • High-quality materials and production ensure a long-lasting mesh banner


  • What is the standard size of a fence banner?

    Two common sizes for banners are either 3' x 10' or 6' x 2', depending on how large you need them. However, we are able to customize your banner to any size that you would like!

  • What is the benefit of a mesh banner vs a vinyl banner?
    Mesh banners are often preferred if the banner will be displayed in an area that has a lot of wind as the wind will go through the banner instead of tugging and pulling on it, which can lead to damage and tearing over time.
  • Are mesh banners more expensive than regular vinyl banners?
    They are slightly more expensive per square foot due to the material being more specialized.
  • Can I get a regular vinyl banner that still works well outdoors?
    Yes! If you would like to go with our standard 13 oz vinyl banner, we can always add wind slits that will help it to hold up well outdoors and in areas that get particularly windy.
  • What is the largest banner that you can print?
    The largest mesh banner we can print in-house is 63" wide. However, we do work with a "giant format" printer and can produce banners as large as 16' x 16'.
  • Where can I download the templates needed for my project?

    Templates for all of our products can be found on our downloads page.

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