Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

The best choice in Denver for full and partial car wraps

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

The best choice in Denver for full and partial car wraps

Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard for your brand. Gaining hundreds to thousands of impressions per day just driving to work, your vehicle becomes a cost-effective advertising tool with our eye-catching graphics. We’ll go over the options from full and partial wraps to simpler vinyl graphics to make sure your commercial car, van, or food truck looks sharp and on-brand.

Car wraps, the YellowDog way
  • Choose from a full wrap, a partial wrap, a vinyl graphic, or a combination to match your vision and budget
  • Before printing anything, we’ll create a mockup to help you envision your wrapped vehicle
  • Our support team will hold your hand throughout the car wrap project, getting it done right
  • Our design team can create the visual effect you’re going for, no matter the make or model of your vehicle
  • Our production team will apply the vinyl decals or work with certified installers for a good wrap job that will last


  • What types of car wraps does YellowDog do?

    Car wraps, just like cars, come in all different types. The term “car wrap” means different things to different people. Here are images of the 4 main types:

    Full car wrap:

    Mad Greens full car wrap

    Partial car wrap:

    Vivax Pro partial car wrap

    Vinyl graphics:

    Painting company vinyl vehicle graphics


    Harvest Hope vehicle graphics
  • Ok, so what’s the real difference between these types?

    A full car wrap involves covering every panel of the car with a special vehicle air release vinyl. Working with a specialized vehicle wrap installer, we print the panels with a solvent based ink so that it resists fading and holds up to the elements. YellowDog does not actually do these installs because it is a very specialized skill but we have several contract installers we can recommend and will work closely with our production team so the end result looks amazing!

    A partial car wrap is the same process as a full wrap but only some of the panels are fully covered. This works well when you are on a budget and can utilize the color of the car as part of the design.

    Vinyl graphics, generally speaking, are just a vehicle grade “sticker”. The graphics are printed, cut to shape and masked for installation. The install process is much easier and we can do that for you at YellowDog. This works well when you want your logo or other company information on the car but don’t want the complete car panel covered.

    A combo car wrap utilizes both fully covered panels and vinyl graphics. The van is a great example of this. About ⅔ of the van is wrapped but the wheat and logo are vinyl graphics next to the wrap. This saved them money and the “wispy” elements worked well with the van color.

  • How expensive are car wraps?
    Car/vehicle wraps are charged by the square foot. The size of the vehicle and the number of panels wrapped and the style you choose are all factors in determining the price. A ballpark price is that the printing and installation can range from $1500 - $5000, depending on the variables. Your account manager can get you a specific estimate based on your vision and also consult with you about options.
  • That seems kind of expensive.
    Most people have a bit of sticker shock when they look into vehicle wraps. While the printing is a straightforward price based on square footage, the installation can cost the same or more than the printing. It is a very specialized skill to get all the nooks and crannies of the car covered and bubble free. The last thing you want is a wrap that starts to crack and peel because the installer wasn’t skilled in the application.
  • What information do I need to have to get a quote?
    In order to give you an accurate price we will need the year make and model of your vehicle along with measurements. We are happy to do those measurements for you at YellowDog so if you schedule a visit we will have someone from our production team do measurements and take pictures for you. This also helps when creating a mock-up on your vehicle so you can see what it will look like before we print.

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