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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints, Customized and Wrapped

Our top-quality canvas prints are fully customized and carefully hand-wrapped

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints, Customized and Wrapped

Our top-quality canvas prints are fully customized and carefully hand-wrapped

Your photograph or artwork print deserves museum-quality canvas. We settle for nothing less with our customized canvas printing and wrapping process. Unlike anything you’ll find on a faceless dot com, YellowDog works each canvas print by hand. It’s canvas printing and wrapping fit for a masterpiece.

Canvas prints, the YellowDog way
  • Choose from standard solvent ink canvas or archival canvas
  • Customize the size to any dimension
  • Watch our YellowDog production team hand-wrap your piece
  • Admire your unique piece for years, and pass it on as an heirloom for generations


  • What size of canvas prints do you offer?
    We can do any custom size that you would like, we have no standard sizes that we are limited to!
  • Do you offer canvas print wrapping?
    We do! We are able to purchase the stretcher bars and our talented production team can get that canvas wrapped and ready to hang for you!
  • Is there an additional cost for wrapping the canvas prints?
    Because of the time it takes for our team to wrap the canvas print around the bars, we do charge a small labor fee. This is determined by how many canvas prints you are looking to have done, as well as the final size of the pieces.
  • Can I hang the canvas prints outside?

    We do not recommend hanging our canvas prints outdoors. If you are wanting something that will withstand the outdoors, let us know and we can chat more about our other materials that may work better for you.

  • Do you offer archival canvas?
    We offer both standard solvent ink canvas, as well as archival canvas. Our archival canvas prints are museum grade quality and will stand up longer in regards to cracking, fading and other types of damage.

Why work with YellowDog?

YellowDog experience

The YellowDog experience

Our team will hold your hand through the process in our dogged pursuit of getting it right.

Real-world pricing

Real-world prices

We deliver sky-high agency-level service to fit your real-world budget. Small businesses and nonprofits love us.

We’re Local

We’re local

Choose a local Denver business with real people behind the website. Yes, we do delivery and rush orders.

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