Retail Point of Purchase Displays

Appeal to shoppers with their wallets in hand in your retail space

Retail Point of Purchase Displays

Appeal to shoppers with their wallets in hand in your retail space

Have you ever grabbed a last-minute item at the cash register, in line, or at the end of an aisle? If so, you know firsthand the power of point of purchase displays (known as POP displays). Compelling display materials can make the difference between a product sitting on a shelf or popping into the cart.

Point of purchase display design, the YellowDog way
  • Our design team will guide you through the process of choosing the best display materials
  • We listen closely and communicate often to ensure a smooth creative process
  • Approve a mockup so you know what you’re getting before anything goes into production
  • We can complete the entire point of purchase display process, from ideation to production and installation at your retail site if needed


  • What is a point of purchase display?

    A point-of-purchase display (or POP display) is marketing material or advertising placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These items are generally located in the checkout area or other location where the purchase decision is made.

  • What are merchandising materials?
    Merchandising refers to the variety of products available for sale and the display of those products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.
  • How do I know what point of purchase display materials work best for my product?
    Schedule a call with our amazing design team and your account manager. They have a lot of knowledge and can help guide you to the right products.
  • How long does it take to design Point of Purchase display items?
    After we’ve come up with a plan on which point of purchase display materials will work best for your products we typically can have the first round of design to you within 7 business days.
  • What are some types of point of purchase display items?
    • Window signage
    • Shelf displays
    • Floor stands
    • Banners
    • Indoor and Outdoor signs
    • Pull up banners
    • Stand up mounted signage
    • Interactive displays
    • Custom floor clings
    • Flyers, brochures
    • Custom printed swag giveaways
  • What are the benefits of point of purchase displays?

    High Rewards
    The average POP display is a fairly affordable signage option and has proven to pay dividends in the end. However, as with all products, the more customized you make your display, the more cost is typically associated with that piece.
    Increase Revenues
    Retailers who use point of purchase displays – both permanent and temporary – report real positive boosts in revenue. Whether it be the eye-catching designs or promotional nature of the display, POP displays consistently boost sales.
    Attract Impulse Buyers
    The rise in impulse shopping has boosted the need for effective point of purchase displays, as these visuals are influencing buying behavior more than ever before.

  • Where can I download the templates needed for my project?

    Templates for all of our products can be found on our downloads page.

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