Custom Packaging Design

Our well-designed packaging shows off the “wow” inside

Custom Packaging Design

Our well-designed packaging shows off the “wow” inside

How much difference does good product packaging make? That’s like asking how much difference a good book cover makes, or a good outfit on the first day of school. Our packaging design delivers on both stunning form and high functionality to delight your customer at those crucial moments in their wow-filled experience.

Product packaging, the YellowDog way
  • Professional creative design
  • Packaging designed to your brand identity like a tailored suit
  • Nothing goes to production until you’ve approved a digital mockup or even held a physical mockup in your hand
  • We’re a one-stop shop for the full packaging design process, from discovery and ideation to print production
  • Come to us with your brand guide, or pair your packaging design with a complete brand identity buildout.

Your product, our packaging design expertise

What makes for good packaging design? We have all the elements in-house here at YellowDog. Speak with a senior designer on our team who has a soft spot in her heart for packaging (as well as a stack of beautiful examples in her portfolio). From there, we’ll go through the process of discovering your brand and products, then collaboratively iterating on the best packaging solution for you.

YellowDog’s packaging design approach

Whether your design needs are simple or complex, we can accommodate you! We’ve done everything from simple branded labels and tissue paper to full unboxing experiences for our clients. YellowDog believes that packaging shouldn’t overstate or distract, but rather surprise and delight the consumer on her journey with a product. We design for a balance of functionality and on-brand aesthetics, with consideration for environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

Hands-on mockups and prototyping

Are you ready to envision your product at its packaging finest? No need to use your imagination. As part of our packaging design process, we will generate a set of images depicting what the product will look like in its new packaging. If you want to see it and hold it in your hands, we can even create a handmade sample package. We want to make sure you’re fully involved and satisfied in the design process.

The packaging design edge

What are the benefits of well-designed product packaging? In an increasingly digitized and ecommerce-driven world, it’s more important than ever to dress your physical products to impress. Effective packaging goes a long way to:

  • Differentiate your product in a crowded marketplace
  • Connect viscerally with your customer through touch
  • Use shape, color, and messaging to enforce your brand identity
  • Create a memorable opening/unboxing/unwrapping experience
  • Express your brand’s values in the materials you choose


  • How does the packaging design process work?
    We have a collaborative process with our clients, in which we consider your brand identity, target market, retail/competitive environment, product functionality, and other factors, such as budget and timing, to present ideas and develop customized packaging to meet your needs.
  • What types of packaging design do you offer?
    We can design everything from simple product labels, to full layout of graphics on pre-made dielines, to customized dielines and graphics that coordinate.
  • Can you create a UPC or barcode for my product?
    No, we cannot generate a new UPC barcode for you. That must be organized on your end, and then sent to us to include on the packaging.
  • Can you provide mockups for my new product packaging?
    Yes, we can render an image of what the new graphics would look like on the package. We can also produce a hand-made sample if you wish to see and hold a physical item.
  • Do you print the packaging once it is designed?
    Depending on the complexity of the packaging, we will often organize and outsource the production to one of our partners.
  • What are dielines and die cuts?
    Think of a die as a cookie-cutter. It is a template of the flattened packaging, showing where to make cuts and folds. Dies can be as simple as a standard shipping box, and as complex as a custom fit to the contours of the product it contains.
  • Can you provide textual information that goes on my packaging?
    We have a copywriter on staff that can assist in wordsmithing based on your needs. We cannot generate safety content that adheres to FCC guidelines. Any and all nutritional/safety text must be managed on the product end before we can include it on the packaging.
  • What if I don’t have a logo yet?
    We can work with you to develop your logo and branding, before getting into the packaging.

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