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Trusted Ally

Fortifying a Family Owned Business’s Brand

Client Goals

Trusted Ally Website

Trusted Ally Home Care is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2011 by Candace Honeywell. Candace founded TAHC after becoming inspired by her great grandfather, Johney, who spent his life fighting for the rights of himself and his fellow workers. Inspired by his commitment to securing fair rights and his pride in his work, Candace Honeywell founded TAHC, and today they proudly carry on his legacy by providing ex-energy workers with the personalized in-home care they deserve.

TAHC came to YellowDog in need of a website that would solidify their brand and help them reach new clients. They wanted it to reflect the patriotism and pride that ex-workers of nuclear sites, like Johney, had in their work. We instantly saw a shining opportunity to help bring a family’s brand story to the forefront, determined to encapsulate their strong message of worker pride and history of advocacy into their brand. With plans to expand to other regions in the future, TAHC needed a website and brand that would grow with them, and serve as a tool to grow their business.

Our Process


Design & Branding

In order to visually encapsulate the pride that the energy workers felt, we needed strong imagery. However, the confidential nature of nuclear sites made it a difficult task. To overcome this, we dove deep into national archives, setting out on a treasure hunt for unclassified imagery that would pay homage to the workers’ pride in their past jobs in the field.

With images sourced, we crafted the nostalgic, prideful feeling that TAHC desired — textured design elements were intentionally woven into sepia-colored imagery of workers on-site. Website images and marketing materials were designed to appear paper-like with torn edges and grain to read older, nodding to the era the images were taken in.

Web Design and Development

Since TAHC already had plans to expand to other regions in the near future, we set up their website to house multiple landing pages for future locations. These quickly came in use as they moved further into the Southwest region, expanding to Nevada and New Mexico. However, with more locations, TAHC was struggling to attract high-quality in-home nursing staff in the midst of labor shortages of home health care workers. To solve this problem we equipped their site with a recruitment function, adding a career portal as well as a review section for current employees to provide feedback and share their experience of working with TAHC.

Overall, the TAHC website needed to be an easily navigable hub of resources for those interested in the EEIOC program as well as highlight the outstanding levels of care that TAHC could provide. We fulfilled both of these needs by ensuring that each landing page had clear information on how TAHC operates, as well as imagery that showed the positivity and satisfaction that both the workers and patients feel.


TAHC’s goal of building their in-home care brand required expanding their marketing strategy, namely into the Southwest region where their operations were expanding. We did this by creating marketing assets to launch their new presence in the Southwest. By putting the family’s history at the center of promotional pieces, we used their built-in ties to the energy worker community to jumpstart a connection. Direct mailers and print ads told Johney’s and TAHC’s incredible story through strong imagery and copy that let clients know that TAHC is a family business that cares.

TAHC is interested in growing its regional footprint into a national one. To aid their business expansion efforts, we created direct mailers, one-pagers, ⅓-page ads, and even a billboard design that would all cohesively send the branded message.



By increasing its online and offline marketing efforts, TAHC has been able to reach a wider audience and meet its goal of helping more workers receive compensation and benefits. YellowDog was proud of our efforts to fortify the TAHC brand through a newly imagined website and an expanded set of marketing and promotional assets.

The success of the brand is attributed to a strong message, good use of marketing tools, and expert website design. But one main factor drives their momentum: it remains a family affair. Candace, her grandfather, and TAHC stand up for a belief that adds quality to the lives of their customers, and we were happy to help them get their message across.

“We have loved working with the Yellow Dog team over the past 3 years. They have scaled their work as we have grown and always done an outstanding job of seeking to understand our needs. YD offers outstanding customer service and output at a great price. What more could you ask for?”
– Alexander Page, TAHC

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