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Spreading Our Wings on a Local Chicken Franchise’s Print Fulfillment

Client Goals

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When the Director of Marketing at Birdcall stumbled into YellowDog’s offices on a whim, we knew it was fate. She was looking for a web developer and print supplier who could create an easy-to-use, online ordering portal that each of the locations could access to reorder branded print supplies such as stickers and signage.

As Denver’s fastest-growing chicken sandwich franchise, Birdcall’s brand concept is all about a streamlined, tech-forward experience for its chicken-craving customers. It wanted nothing less for each of its location managers. Their goal was to create a simple online order and fulfillment system that would help keep each location consistently branded and well-stocked.

Our Process

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Our first assignment was to create a web portal that each Birdcall branch could use to reorder print supplies such as food labels. Our web design team took on the challenge of building an internal POS website by creating an easy-to-use online ordering system that would ensure each branch was able to restock the essentials online, anytime. Mission accomplished. Then our team also helped them out with their customer-facing website, assisting with custom graphics implementation for special occasions such as holiday promotions and new product launches.


We’ve helped Birdcall with their signage needs, printing everything from custom window decals to table stands and posters. We also help keep their delicious chicken sandwiches properly labeled by printing custom order stickers and labels, as well as branded stickers to give out to their most loyal fans. Over time, YellowDog has become Birdcall’s primary print provider, fulfilling all of the new orders that their team places on their new website portal.


We helped Birdcall spread its message of a modern chicken sandwich experience with the help of one of the most successful direct mail campaigns in the history of YellowDog. By designing and mailing a free chicken sandwich mailer, we were able to help Birdcall crush industry standards by bringing in 18% of our targeted audience. The campaign was so successful that we later replicated the concept by handing out “golden tickets” in the form of business cards.


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When Birdcall came to YellowDog, they were simply looking for someone to build them a custom supply ordering website. Little did they know, we would ultimately become their local go-to for any marketing support, from digital to print.

The outcome of our print and web work has helped Birdcall create a consistent, streamlined ordering process for their team, as well as provided them with a range of custom marketing materials and print assets to keep their locations always on-brand. Winner winner … chicken dinner?

The Team

Dan Mulligan of YellowDog Denver
Dan Mulligan
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Jennifer Gauerke
Kristen Bowlin
Kris Bowlin
Morgan Heslin of YellowDog Denver
Morgan Heslin

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